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Mobileware Technologies partners with OmniCard – an Omni-Channel payment solutions platform

Will offer UPI-based interoperable wallet solutions to 6 lakh+ customers of OmniCard


OmniCard, an omnichannel spending platform with a keen focus on youth and underserved consumers, has tied up with Mobileware Technologies for their interoperable UPI solutions for wallet-wallet/bank-wallet transactions. A market leader in UPI interoperability, Mobileware also offers scalable payment solutions to organizations that require digital payment transactions for seamless access to the payments ecosystem.


OmniCard is a Bank independent RBI licensed PPI exclusively focusing on its technology innovations to offer omnichannel spending experience to the customers across the section of the society. OmniCard offers a RuPay powered card and a mobile app. OmniCard is a complete payment platform that provides multiple online and offline payment modes, complete card controls, robust security system, money management and many more exciting features. OmniCard can be used by anyone above 14 years of age. The platform’s innovative payment modes offer security and convenience to its users and their latest offering ‘Omnicard Keychain’ is a contactless, on-the-go payment solution.


Mobileware will be offering OmniCard with PPI interoperability features along with hosted UPI switch to work easily in the interoperable UPI ecosystem.


Commenting on their association, Satyajit Kanekar, Co-Founder & CEO of Mobileware, says, “OmniCard has a unique product line that focuses primarily on the youth of India who influence the lifestyle and spending trends in today’s time. The financial freedom and responsibility that Omnicard provides the youngsters are remarkable, and we are happy to be offering our seamless interoperability solution that further makes online transactions easier for their customers.” Mobileware is the market leader in the hosted UPI wallet interoperability services.

About OmniCard

OmniCard is a product of Eroute Technologies, a RuPay powered prepaid card with an innovative mobile app. OmniCard is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India and holds a PPI License (perpetual validity for issuance and operation of semi-closed Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) in the country). OmniCard offers simple, quick and safe payments for its users via multiple payment modes. Blended with innovation OmniCard offers a personalised, unique and enduring payment experience.

About Mobileware Technologies

Mobileware Technologies is in the business of creating and developing scalable payment solutions that simplify business and life for any organization that requires digital payment transactions. Their cutting-edge platform – TransXT – is a plug-and-play open banking API technology that is changing the way digital payments are made. Also called ‘bank in a box’ TransXT platform allows businesses to go live instantly.

The vertical agnostic and borderless platform creates a payment marketplace for customers who require easy and instant access to digital payment methods, using banks as a channel of service. The technology enables banks, merchants, and startups to create monetization streams. It also fits perfectly with the existing systems, ensuring interoperability. Backed by innovation, Mobileware Technology solutions are for the rapidly changing digital payments requirements of banks, NBFCs, fintech companies, merchants, and consumers.

Furthermore, the platform also seamlessly integrates with international regulatory frameworks, enabling TransXT to be rolled out to various countries instantly.

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