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NetRack follows strong R&D culture: Presents seminar on Next-Generation Data Center Solutions at BICSI Delhi

With an objective to tap into the vast knowledge base of the BISCI community, NetRack, a leading solution provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, conferred a technical seminar on ‘Next Generation Datacenter Solutions’ at BICSI India District Satellite Seminar held at Delhi. The Seminar touched upon key topics of next-generation Data center solutions as well as the current market trends in the DC industry.
Mr. Krishnaraj U, Solution Architect at NetRack, conducted a detailed session on the evolving data center market, the competition, as well as the major upcoming investments in the DC industry. The presentation touched upon NetRack’s focus on R&D to put forth industry-relevant innovative concepts like Silent DCs, Intelligent DCs, Modularizing DCs as well as Seismic and shockproof DCs.
Krishnaraj, Solution Architect at NetRack said, “The market has seen a tremendous shift in consumer behavior with technological advancement. It has become imperative for organizations to meet changing customer needs. Currently, we are investing our time and efforts in building a strong R&D infrastructure capable of producing industry-relevant customized products and solutions aligned with market requirements. Being a part of BICSI has helped us to perceive the market demands and put forth efficient and sustainable technology solutions to achieve digital transformation.”
The discussion revolved around DC infrastructure challenges. The ICT professionals who attended the event got a brief glimpse into the future-proof “racks” that could smartly help businesses to make intelligent use of all IT resources, including IT assets, power, cooling, and network. The proper planning, power and equipment management of Smart rack provide intelligence to next-gen DCs, enabling them to become efficient, flexible, cost-effective and scalable.
NetRack has been successful in leveraging the BICSI platform to learn and share insights with Information & Communications Technology (ICT) community experts, industry leaders, and exhibitors. BICSI is the perfect platform to learn about current market disposition and demands and provides NetRack an opportunity for continued improvement to keep up with the changing trends. NetRack’s has UL certified product range and follows all the international guidelines for product manufacturing and quality assurance.
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About NetRack
NetRack Enclosures foresees itself as a single-window solutions provider for all data, network, and server related concerns. NetRack’s mission is to deliver time-bound quality products that are superiorly designed and precision-engineered to perfection, to help the customers overcome their constraints while enabling scalability and increased performance at a reduced cost. NetRack guarantees to offer its clients good customer support services for problem-solving and better relations.
Improved customer relations, employee welfare, and transformation at all levels to achieve more than what they have achieved so far. The company wishes to upgrade itself through research and development of newer technologies for enhanced performance, scalability and cost-effective products to cut costs to the customer. To know more, please visit
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