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Risebird, India’s Leading Video Interviewing Cloud Platform, Clocks 500 Daily Interviews 

(With a robust network of 3000 interviewers, the platform can now process over 15,000 interviews across global markets)

RiseBird- an expert-led live interview platform, announced the successful completion of over 500 live coding interviews in a single day. This makes RB the fastest-growing interviewing cloud solution.

RB is disrupting the global talent assessment industry by aiding global talent acquisition teams with their technical screening process. The platform ensures accuracy, speed, and security using a marketplace of verified expert interviewers, a video-first interview platform, and an artificial intelligence-driven behavioral-insights engine.

This helps talent acquisition heads to speed up their technical screening processes using industry tech experts who monetize their free time by taking live video interviews. With each interview conducted, RB is redefining the expectations of what an interview should be. Candidates can interview 24X7, in a real-world coding environment, with a verified interviewer, and have an opportunity to redo their interviews if they feel they can perform better.

Risebird conducts technical interviews through a community of 3000+ verified experts who are equipped with proven interviewing templates, scientific assessment techniques, and data-informed best practices. RB interviewers’ network has designed 40,000 interview ideas that are structured in real-time using artificial intelligence to provide unique interview intelligence for every interview.

With a recent SAB investment of INR 5.1 crores, the platform plans to double-down on delivering exceptional interviewing experiences and provide deep strategic insights to organizations worldwide. RB is on a mission to clock 10,000 daily interviews in India, the US, the UK, and SEA Markets in the next 2 years.

Risebird has emerged as a mission-critical strategic partner for its clients, including Adobe, UST Global, Mphasis, Cyient, BORN among others. Typical organizations working with us grow their interview request by 12X in 1 year from 200 to 2400 interviews per month, see a reduction in time spent from 28 days to 3 hrs on interviewing one hire, and increase the number of offers by 300 percent. Moreover, close to 95 percent of candidates report a positive interviewing experience with an average rating of 4.44 out of 5.

Ashutosh Seth, Founder & CEO RiseBird: “We have conducted 10x more interviews than last year and are seeing momentum to grow by a further 20x within this year. We have saved millions of dollars worth of developer time from screening interviews, doubled the recruiter’s productivity, and contributed millions in revenues. We are now building the capacity to conduct 1 million expert interviews per month which would make us the world largest video interview company,”

About The Company
With over 3K verified interviews and 200 tech features, Bengaluru-based Risebird is a leading and innovative platform for Talent Acquisition in the SMB market. RB software enables organizations to predict candidate performance in a real-world environment. They help in collecting, maintaining, and analyzing data thereby reducing time, effort and finding one who is a more appropriate match for their company. It’s designed to understand talented people who can not only visualize solutions but can also deliver them under high pressure. Risebird has helped conduct interviews for Fortune 500 companies across North America and APAC markets.

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