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Singapore Companies To Set Up Data Centres In Uttar Pradesh

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The investor-friendly policies of the Yogi government are drawing companies, business groups and individual investors from far off places.

The Information Technology (IT) and other policies of the UP government have got a big thumbs up from big business houses from Singapore and as a result, many Singapore companies have shown their inclination to invest in the integrated township, electronics, logistics and data centre sectors.

In this sequence, ST Telemedia Global Data Center (STT GDC) India of Singapore has taken the initiative to set up a Greenfield Data Center
Campus in Gautam Budh Nagar (Noida). Along with this, big companies of America, Japan and Korea are also expediting their projects related to IT industry in Noida.

American company Microsoft and Japanese company NTT have also procured land to build a data centre in Noida. Several other Indian companies, including the Hiranandani Group, have decided to set up data centre parks in Noida.

With all the domestic and foreign companies parking data centres in Noida, where local people, as well as people associated with the IT industry of the entire country, will get an opportunity, Noida is set to be known as the data hub of India.

It is a matter of pride for Noida that Singapore companies are interested in setting up data centres in Noida. According to IT and Electronics Department officials, the business relationship between Singapore and India is quite strong. Singapore is the 5th largest trading partner of India.

Last month, Singapore High Commissioner Simon Wong met Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and said that there is a favourable environment for investment in Uttar Pradesh. The master plan here is very good and the logistics points here have been developed in a very systematic manner.

Due to UP being a religious tourism destination for millions, a large number of devotees from all over the country and abroad come here. Singapore investors are willing to invest in setting up of Bundelkhand Defence Corridor, MSME, Logistics, Integrated Township and Data Center in UP. Apart from this, investors want to invest in the area of Skill Center in Varanasi. There is also talk of setting up of data centre in Noida by two Singapore companies and another Singapore company investing in the area of Agro in Kanpur.

According to officials, the Singapore-based company has proposed to build a data centre campus with an IT capacity of 18 MW with an estimated investment of Rs 600 crore. A Singapore-based company has identified a plot of about three acres in Noida to build a data centre campus.

In the second phase, an IT load data centre of 36 MW capacity will be set up with an additional investment of Rs 500 crore. After the completion of the second phase, the project is expected to attract an investment of about Rs 1100 crore and will provide direct employment to 80 people and indirect employment to about 1000 people.

The proposed data centre campus is intended to serve major cloud companies, data centre operators and large industries. Moving forward in this direction, the UP government has emphasized building a data centre. In the coming times, data storage will accelerate and for this large cloud centres will have to be built. In view of this, the proposed data centre of Noida can play a big role.

The proposed data centre campus in Noida will get the benefit of international connectivity due to its proximity to an industrial hub and Delhi. There will be a special advantage of building a data centre in Noida. Noida is close to the national capital Delhi. There is going to be an international airport in Jewar very soon.

The network of the IT industry is spread all over Noida. In this context, Noida is emerging as the hub of big data centres in the whole of North India. The new campus of the data centre will help further in this. Once the data center campus is built, large cloud companies, hypers calers (who provide cloud computing services) and large enterprise clients can be served.

According to the IT and Electronics Department, the IT policy of the state government is drawing domestic and foreign investors to invest in the state. Under the UP Electronics Manufacturing Policy-2017, the target of investment of Rs 20,000 crore has been achieved in the state in three years by the investments made by about 30 investors in the state and more than three lakh jobs have been created.

All this has been possible due to the IT policy brought by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to promote investment in the IT sector and the officers were given the responsibility to remove the problems of the businessmen who want to invest in this sector.

Apart from this, to promote electronics investment in the state, the Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Express areas located in the National Capital Region have also been declared as “Electronics Manufacturing Zone”. Due to the above decisions of the Chief Minister, many reputed companies of China, Taiwan and Korea came forward to set up their units in UP. An overseas reputed company is now building Electronics Manufacturing Cluster in 100 acres of land in Greater Noida.

Many well-known companies of the city will set up their units. According to the big businessmen of the IT sector and top officials of the IT department, the State’s Electronics Manufacturing Policy-2017 has established Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway areas as an electronics manufacturing hub in the country.

What is a data centre?

A data centre is a place where a variety of facilities are provided for a company’s IT activities and equipment. These facilities include data storage, processing and transportation of information and other related functions of the Company’s applications. It can be considered as a server from where the entire IT of a company is operated.

In the growing age of online, there is a huge demand for such data centres because keeping the data safe at some place is also a challenge in itself. The campus to be built in Noida will help in meeting this challenge. Officials say that India has a big role in the field of IT. All the big companies of the world run their centres here.

Online and computer-based industries are growing rapidly in India. In view of this, the storage of data is an important task. Industry or IT companies will benefit from the creation of a data centre campus and they will be able to take storage facilities. It will see more speed in the coming time.

Noida will benefit from this, many multi-national companies will also take the initiative to set up data centres in this city. This is the opinion of the officers of the IT and Electronics Department.

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