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Swaarm wins ‘App Analytics Platform of the Year’ award at the global App Growth Awards 2022

Swaarm, a leading global performance-based marketing platform has been awarded the ‘App Analytics Platform of the Year’ at the 2022 edition of the global App Growth Awards. The award recognises Swaarm as the mobile analytics, app analytics, ad tracking and attribution platform that has delivered the most value and understanding of big data analytics in the past 12 months. The App Growth Awards are the annual barometer for the global app growth and marketing ecosystem. Launched in 2017 by the team behind App Promotion Summit, the awards were the first to recognise industry innovation and success and annually draw hundreds of submissions from around the world.

Co-Founded in October 2020 in Berlin, Germany by Yogeeta Chainani and Alexandru Dumitru, Swaarm has risen to be recognised as a prominent global player in the realm of performance marketing.  Swaarm provides an innovative martech tracking and campaign management solution for agencies, advertisers and partners to manage, track, analyze and optimize their marketing campaigns at scale.  Businesses of all sizes from leading global brands to boutique agencies including Clearpier (Canada), Found (Canada), Vytomy (India), Apptrust (Poland), Adcrate (Philippines), GoWithMedia (Israel) and Mobco Media (Israel) use Swaarm to simplify & optimize their campaigns and accelerate business growth.

On winning the award, Yogeeta says, “Swaarm has been built from the ground up to help our clients overcome performance marketing challenges and obstacles. Our intuitive, easy to use platform appeals to developers and marketers alike, and our automation rules make campaign optimization accessible to everyone. We continue to execute on our mission of constantly developing our platform to keep up with our clients’ needs and new market requirements.  Being recognized as the leading App Analytics Platform by industry experts and market leaders pushes us even further to ensure Swaarm remains the best-in-class platform available.”

She adds, “After just two years in business, Swaarm has grown from a small, Berlin-based tracking platform founded in the midst of a global pandemic to a team of passionate software developers, data scientists, and business operators at the top of the industry. The last two years were filled with milestone achievements- we expanded our customer base globally, closed new funding rounds, released innovative product features, and received many industry recognitions. Our team has tripled since we started, and now the Swaarm platform is proud to offer marketers across the globe some of the most innovative, performance-based tracking, optimization, and automation tools available — all while maintaining an affordable price point.”

Most recent product innovations include Swaarm’s Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA) Chain. This industry-first solution offers companies affected by Apple’s elimination of IDFA an alternative attribution model for ad tracking and targeting.

Swaarm’s powerful automation suite, combined with the real-time analytics platform Explorer, gives clients a competitive edge with powerful analytics tools capable of aggregating large sets of real-time data, providing illuminating insights, and autonomously taking defined actions. Most recently, the Swaarm team has celebrated the triple feature release of an industry-first feed API configurator, view-through attribution, and the AppsFlyer click-signing tool for fraud prevention. With these new releases, the Swaarm team continues to provide its clients the data sets to measure, analyze, and automate their marketing efforts at scale.

About Swaarm

Swaarm is a performance-based marketing platform that provides an innovative martech tracking solution for agencies, advertisers and networks to manage, track, analyze and optimize their marketing campaigns at scale. For more information, visit 

About App Promotion Summit

Launched in 2013, App Promotion Summit is the world’s leading app growth conference series. It includes the App Growth Awards which celebrate success in the global app marketing ecosystem. Launched in 2017, the ceremony was the first to recognise industry innovation and facilitate progress in app marketing and growth. 

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