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Tenable Launches Exposure Platform for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management of Dynamic Assets

Tenable®, Inc. the Cyber Exposure company, today launched Tenable.ep, the industry’s first, all-in-one, risk-based vulnerability management platform designed to scale as dynamic compute requirements change. Tenable.ep combines the company’s industry-leading products —® Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning, Container Security and Tenable Lumin – into one platform, enabling customers to see all of their assets and vulnerabilities in a single dashboard alongside key threat, exploit and prioritization metrics. Moreover, Tenable.ep’s single, flexible asset-based licensing model frees organizations to dynamically allocate licenses across all asset types according to their unique attack surface and modify as their environment changes.

The ability to quickly spin up and connect modern assets to the corporate environment is critical to digital transformation and work-from-home initiatives. But cybersecurity pricing models designed for on-premises computing can force enterprises to choose between assessing one asset type over another, frequently charging premiums for assessing cloud assets or web applications. Tenable.ep solves this challenge with a single license that gives customers unrivaled flexibility to take a holistic, rather than piecemeal, approach to vulnerability management. Whether it’s a web application, a cloud instance, a container image, remote worker or a traditional server, each asset counts exactly the same. The platform also includes unlimited deployment of local Nessus and web application scanners at no additional cost.

Highlighting the significance of this announcement in India, Kartik Shahani, Country Manager, Tenable India said “With two years’ worth of digital transformation activity compressed into two months, it’s clear that the boundaries which used to define traditional enterprise networks are becoming less discernible. Security teams now have the daunting task of securing an amorphous attack surface which starts at the corporate network and extends into employees’ homes.”

 “To combat this issue, a variety of single-purpose tools, each with different licensing and pricing models are used to gain visibility across an organisation’s attack surface. Tenable.ep solves this problem by providing organisations in India a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management solution, managed by a single license for simple procurement and easy deployment,” he added.

Commenting on the benefits of Tenable.ep, Anuj Gupta, CEO Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic, a Tenable partner said, “As organisations scale and evolve to adapt to changing work models, security capabilities need to be equally adaptable. Tenable.ep enables customers to see and assess all assets and vulnerabilities in a unified view, thereby making it easy for security teams to assess and accurately prioritise the vulnerabilities and assets that matter most.

“Attackers don’t differentiate between asset types and neither should defenders. So we designed Tenable.ep to give organizations the power to identify every asset and exposure, predict which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited and act to address critical risks,” said Renaud Deraison, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tenable. “Tenable.ep delivers risk-based vulnerability management within a single, unified solution without the need to purchase separate products and manage different licensing models.”

Tenable has a track record of innovating to raise the bar for cybersecurity. With Predictive Prioritization, Tenable helped organizations evolve from trying to fix everything with a critical CVSS score to taking a risk-based approach that focuses on fixing what matters most. Frictionless Assessment removed the barriers to unified visibility of cloud assets. Now with Tenable.ep, the company is bringing these innovations together and simplifying how disparate assets are assessed so that organizations can approach their vulnerability management programs holistically.

Tenable.ep is now available for all new and existing Tenable customers.

Tenable products will also continue to be sold as separate solutions.

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