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Totality Corp introduces Sanskaar Tokens to acknowledge and rewards members of ZionVerse

The playable NFT gaming company will be rewarding members for their social and community engagement behaviours across Zionverse

Totality Corp, a playable NFT gaming company with a confluence of Indian Culture & Mythology in the gaming metaverse known as ZionVerse is all set to introduce ‘Sanskaar Tokens’ to the community members of ZionVerse. It’s a social currency token of Zionverse to be launched on the metaverse platform.

The Sanskaar Token is a social token which will be used to reward all social and community engagement behaviours across Zionverse. Members of the community will earn Sanskaar tokens for activities like signing up on ZionVerse, engaging in various activities/games/challenges/contests, on their NFT purchases, and interacting on discord and Twitter. In order to raise the novelty quotient, the company will be also introducing a variety of usecases for Sanskaar tokens in the future.

Commenting on the launch, Anshul Rustaggi, Founder, Totality Corp said, “Since community is the most crucial aspect of any Web3 project, we at Zionverse want the active members of our community to feel respected, acknowledged and rewarded, and this token will help in incentivizing the efforts of our community through different activities. It is similar to how you earn ‘Karma’ on Reddit. This will further help us in communicating and engaging with the members of the community in a better manner and thereby, helping us earn more trust of the members.”

Further adding to it he said, “The primary utilization of these tokens would be in upgrading the tiers of Trimurti NFT. It will be an on-chain currency but will not be listed on any exchange for now. However, we are also planning to build a system wherein the community can trade Sanskaar tokens peer-to-peer.”

With the introduction of Sanskaar Tokens, the playable NFT gaming company will be taking one-step ahead in the direction of making the digital world more connected and intriguing.


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