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TresVista wins Bronze at the ET Human Capital Awards 2023!

A leading global enterprise, TresVista, took home Bronze in the Economic Times Human Capital Awards in the ‘Excellence in Remote Work Arrangement & Management’ category. TresVista is a 16-year-old Financial Services organization with over 1,500 employees and offices in Pune, Mumbai, & Bengaluru.

The firm has been awarded this laurel due to its exceptional remote working system and work-from-home initiatives curated to elevate the employee experience and ease their personal and professional functioning. The transition to remote working during the pandemic, and now to the hybrid model was made seamless due to a lot of intense planning, policy curation, training, effective communication, and their successful execution. The company also found it imperative to ensure that remote working did not compromise on the engagement and health of their employees, with Hobby Clubs, Team Building activities, and mental health initiatives introduced at full tilt.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees while maintaining high-quality output and their commitments as a business was definitely not an easy task, but they were able to do it due to their focus on 3 crucial pillars- policy, training, and platforms (for communication and engagement). While launching such initiatives is paramount, an integral element that put them one step above the rest is their feedback and review system to analyse the effectiveness of these programs.

The firm aims to hire 5,000 employees in the next four years and open a new delivery centre in the NCR in early January 2024.

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