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Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, other investors back Data Science firm Gyana to $3.9 mn

  • Funding led by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Fuel Ventures, Green Shores Capital and U+I
  • Gyana plans to enter the Indian market in the space of “NOCODE”in the near future
  • Gyana currently is on a mission to make AI and data science accessible even to the non-tech proffesionals


Serial entrepreneur from India  Joyeeta Das raised  a  ‘pre A’ funding of $3.9 million for her London based data science startup Gyana. The funding was led by Fuel Adventures, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, in addition to Green Shores Capital and U+I.

Gyana plans to use the latest round of funding to support growing its product user base, while aiding expansion across Europe & India soon. Gyana’s mission is to enable ‘citizen data scientists’ by liberating the use of coding and big data away from the highly technical and niche, to being as commonplace as Excel.

The company’s first product, Neera, is one of the world’s most comprehensive human movement data tools, harvesting information from more than 80 anonymised data points. This big data AI tool, has been crucial for industries ranging from property to retail and consulting.  Considered the most proficient in its class, the technology has attracted clients such as Vodafone, Barclays, EY, Pret a Manger, Knight Frank and the UK Ministry of Defense.  To date, Neera has up to 15 years worth of client contracts secured and has generated turnover in excess of £1 million.

While Neera is well-established software with healthy market demand, the future growth of the company lies in Vayu – the tool designed to liberate the usage of data science for individuals and business alike. A crucial part of the emerging ‘no code’ market, Vayu addresses major pain points for both data scientists and companies who don’t have the resource to hire a full-time data scientist.  Vayu is offered in a limited free format to the public and a costed business package.

Commenting on the recent funding, Co-Founder Joyeeta Das said “We see no-code in a similar light to the use of translation services for languages. Not everyone on the planet is suited to being a developer, and even though newer generations are becoming more computer literate, we think there will still be a limited pool of professional high-level developers. As such, as businesses become increasingly tech-heavy, there is only ever going to be a growing need for No-Code platforms to take the burden off of development teams. We are also considering entering the Indian market soon as we see a huge market there.”

 About Gyana:

Gyana was founded in 2015 by Oxford University students. Currently a global startup headquartered in London-this award winning team is deeply passionate about using the power of NOCODE to unleash the potential of the AI revolution to everyone.

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