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Unlisted Assets launches India’s first B2B platform for the private market

–        The unlisted Asset B2B platform enables Institutional Investors, Companies, and Intermediaries to buy & sell Unlisted Shares in bulk trades.

–        The tech-enabled platform provides a large pool of investors and deal makers with best-in-class unlisted shares and securities

Unlisted Assets announces the launch of India’s first B2B tech-enabled platform for Institutional Investors, including PE/VC Funds, brokering arms of Banks, Large Wealth Outfits, and Family Offices, Companies, and Intermediaries for buying & selling of Unlisted Shares in bulk trades. This platform aims to bring all these stakeholders under one umbrella which provides the large pool of investors and deal makers with best-in-class unlisted shares and securities. It enables intermediaries to execute such transactions faster and cost-effectively by providing various transaction tools virtually free of cost.


A B2B Platform allows market participants to engage with one another anonymously in order to match deals and secure several offers for the same Buy/Sell side deals, resulting in better price discovery. This will lead to an increase in deal closures, reduce timeline & efforts, and increase revenues for market participants.


In the current market scenario, investment bankers face numerous problems, some of which can be effectively solved through adopting technology. Deal Matching and prospecting are made easy through analytics and AI-driven platform.

The platform provides secure online trading by giving access to transaction tools like a private negotiation window, a virtual data room, online agreement signing, , bank escrow (ICICI Bank supported Escrow and other options available), KYC, and compliance at virtually free of cost. It ensures a single platform with wide access to Buyers and Sellers which offers a large pool of Public and Private companies’ deals with access to their database


Speaking on the announcement, the founder of Unlisted Assets, Mr. Manish Khanna said “Unlisted Assets is simplifying the investment banking process and leveraging technology to facilitate deal-making in Unlisted Shares and other securities. It will lead to an increase in the deal closure percentage, currently which is  on the very low side


“We already have a tech-enabled liquidity platform for retail investors to invest in Private Markets and now we are also launching a B2B institutional platform. Unlisted Assets is a comprehensive solution for investing in the private market.”


About Unlisted Assets:

Unlisted Assets, founded in 2020, is a technology-backed platform providing a marketplace for buying and selling unlisted shares through an automated process of share transfer. They help retail investors, angel investors, ESOPs holders, institutions, and companies in buying and selling the securities of unlisted companies. These unlisted asset class include shares of start-up companies, pre-IPO companies, and matured public and private companies.


On the platform, users can find tools to access financial information about unlisted companies, basic and detailed knowledge about unlisted markets and how to Buy/Sell unlisted shares; price information through industry association; Buy/Sell/Negotiate on Unlisted shares with KYC compliant users; transact, sign e-agreement and download Deal sheet/Invoice/Agreements for user reference.

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