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Work preferences of women in STEM by job role choice

~ Team contributor roles in high demand among Women in STEM employees ~

As stated by ‘Bridging the Skills Gap – Towards an Equal Workplace’, a comprehensive research report by NTT DATA – a digital business and IT services leader, and NLB Services – leading technology and digital talent solutions provider, India contributes nearly 31.7% of the world’s total STEM graduates while cementing its position as one of the largest STEM job marketplaces in the world. The Indian women workforce (nearly 56%) too is gearing up for ambitious career opportunities.

The study surveyed a total sample size of 250 employers from different organizations of 12 sectors spread across 15 Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. Furthermore, the study surveyed 500 women employees from organizations of various sizes, sectors, and cities.

As per the report, women in STEM employees’ employment status comprises 69% of Freelancer and Gig workers, 64% are in between jobs or searching for jobs, and 47% are of employed status. The employed category has certain work preferences by job role choice with three key roles in focus – Team contributor role, Individual contributor role, and Team lead role.

Some of the key observations around the desired job roles are:

  1. Team contributor role – A majority of STEM-qualified women employees around 57% are looking for a team contributor role. Reasons that can be specified for seeking this type of role could include a desire for work-life balance, a preference for collaboration and teamwork, the flexibility offered by such roles, a good fit with their skills and personality, and the potential for career progression.


  1. Individual contributor role – 22% of STEM-qualified women employees are interested in individual contributor roles. Reasons to seek such roles could include the desire for autonomy and independence and at the same time being more productive. They may not look for teamwork and aim for seeking specialization or areas of expertise. Women who are interested in individual contributor roles may have specific career goals that align with this type of position.

  1. Team lead role – 21% of STEM-qualified women employees seek team lead roles. Women may be motivated by the opportunity to have a greater impact on their organization and on society as a whole. In such roles, they can shape the direction of their team and the organization, and make decisions that can have a significant impact on the business and its stakeholders.

  1. Leadership Roles – On the other hand, 32% of the STEM-qualified women who are employed aspire to take up leadership positions. Leadership roles can provide opportunities for personal growth and development. Seeing other women in leadership roles can be inspiring and empowering for women who are looking to advance their careers.


It’s important for employers to understand that women have diverse career goals and preferences, and to provide a range of opportunities that meet the needs and aspirations of all their employees. By providing the training, support, and opportunities that women need to succeed in these positions, employers can help to increase diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization.

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