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Xebia India organizes AgileNCR Conference 2020 to “HUMANIZE BUSINESS INNOVATION!”

Xebia India, one of India’s top IT organizations, recently conducted the AgileNCR Conference 2020 in association with Agile enthusiasts in the NCR region. The conference lasted two days and witnessed a participation of international speakers, industry practitioners, Agile gurus, and Seasoned Agilists that have been associated with AgileNCR time and again – Gunther Verheye, Bevan Williams, Steve Porter, Shane Hastie, Janani Liyanage, Ralph Roosmalen, Sally Elatta, Jorge Castro, Mike Leber, Antoinette Coetzee, Daniel Gagnon, Evelyn Van Kelle, Kenny Baas-Schwegler, Anand Murthy Raj, Sudipta Lahiri, Nagesh Sharma, Pranjal Swarup, Amit Ranjan, Ranjith Tharayil, Raju K, Sundaresan J, Vinaya Bansal, Vivek Kumar to name a few.

The conference was organized on the virtual platform to ensure the safety of the speakers and the attendees from the Coronavirus. It was the largest virtual gathering of Agile Practitioners in North India, as 350+ delegates from 75+ companies attended the event.

This year’s theme was Agility3 – HUMANIZING BUSINESS INNOVATION, which was chosen very carefully to address the present scenario. This year has brought with itself a tsunami of challenges. Many businesses have perished, and many are struggling to survive, but surprisingly, many are thriving as well. And the reason for their success in these tough times is that they’re riding the surfboard of innovation. It is the people and their innovative ideas that are helping the organizations thrive – even amid a global catastrophe. This idea was hammered home several times during the conference.

Agility3 signified the amplification in outcomes that can be achieved by combining the power of HUMAN along with BUSINESS INNOVATION.

Besides hearing from renowned speakers who are experts in their domains, the attendees also got to witness two exciting panel discussions on the topics STRIKING RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN HUMANITY AND BUSINESS DURING CRISIS and EVOLUTION OF SCRUM GUIDE – VIA EMPIRICISM respectively.

The two-day live virtual event showcased a wide spectrum of learning techniques, including lectures, workshops, open spaces, lightning talks, coach clinics, and many more. The conference also provided plenty of networking opportunities and allowed the attendees to connect with one another and simultaneously improve their business network. The conference focused on experience sharing, learning the ropes, and innovation in Agile adoption, catering to varying levels of knowledge pools and process maturity. The event also featured whitepapers and case-study presentations from Agile experts and industry thought leaders across the globe.

“With this year’s theme, we wanted to enlighten the audience about how a crisis can be converted into a business opportunity with inner engineering. The businesses that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic have precisely followed this approach. The steps that they have taken are simple and subtle, but it’s the inner engineering in the organizations that has led them to great success. In times of crisis, the external and visible actions do not matter as much as inner engineering. That is an idea that I believe the attendees should definitely take away from the conference and implement in their personal and professional lives to usher in prosperity,” said — Ajay Kabra (Sr. Director – Agile Transformation, Xebia)

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