Is Your Organization A Stellar Storyteller In The Digital Age?

Digital Age

Communicating with a customer is a lot like telling a story. Just like a storyteller, an organization needs to share authentic content, set in the right context to give a lifetime experience to the customers. Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology in order to truly motivate the audience.

Similarly, businesses should know what their customers want, their needs and expectations. Today, good customer experience is not a differentiating factor but a basic expectation. They expect anytime-anywhere services, contextual interactions and easy accessibility from companies. As from a storyteller, what they look for is drama, entertainment and action.

However, the question arises- How businesses can handle all that drama in their everyday transactions?

Here’s how…

Make it personal

It’s not about your organization, it is about your customers. Agood storyteller gives one-to-one interaction experience to the audience. He takes out the time to understand their needs- What they want to hear? What do they care about? It is only then he crafts and delivers his story, keeping all these elements in mind. A good organization also understands the importance of customer interaction. Whether it is a personalised birthday message from your bank on your smartphone or a statement of your phone bills, available for download in the format of your choice, the customer should get a personalised touch in every interaction. This can happen with the help of an interactive communication system.

Leave no channel un-engaged

A stellar storyteller knows the power of story distribution through multiple channels to effectively engage the audience. This makes her/him a success among people. However, this can be a challenging task for businesses as customers expect to connect with them via social media, web portals, emails, fax, etc. But it’s not impossible. A dynamic distribution channel can enable you to engage customers through their preferred communication channels, like e-mail, SMS, web and social.

Maintain your share of wallet

With the advent of the digital audience has become more demanding than ever. They want to engage through multiple touch-points. Constant interaction with the audience in the right manner is the key to any storytelling. Likewise, organizations which understand this and implement the right communication model end up increasing their share of wallet. They do this by engaging and constantly communicating through all the channels available in their own context to ensure that their customers get what they need.

Make your stories smart by sensing your customer’s needs

Sensing your customers’ needs is very important to make your story a huge success. A great storytelling is made up of elements which appeal to the audience’s feelings and interest. In today’s age, it is very important to touch base with the right set of prospects in a fast, timely, and engaging way, on various channels. This can only be done with the help of digital sensing to tap opportunities from beyond touch-points. The platform continuously listens to customers across channels, discover context and initiates appropriate processes to detect business opportunities and make the most of it. Only then can an organization can send the right content to the right audience based on their profile and enhance customer experience.

A great storyteller uses a greater communication platform to make his stories a hit. So, it’s time for businesses to leverage the power of Customer Communication Management (CCM) to achieve all the above-mentioned qualities in order to deliver personalized customer communications, improve retention and earn customer loyalty. After all, communication is the key to any successful business.

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