Five Indian fintech startups that made it to the YCombinator cohort in 2022

Since its inception in 2005,  US based accelerator YCombinator has been incubating and supporting startups. With over 3000 successful companies, like AirBnB, DropBox, and many more, under its portfolio, YCombinator works intensively with the companies for months, shaping and refining their pitches and helping them connect with stakeholders worldwide. Each year they are known to organise 2 cohorts, Summer Cohort and Winter Cohort, in which they invest US$ 500k per company.

As India aims to become the world’s startup capital, India already has over 190 startups that have received funding from YCombinator. We have compiled a list of 5 fintech startups that are revolutionising the fintech space.


  1. AlgoTest

AlgoTest is an investment tech startup that allows retail traders to do backtest their trading strategies for free. In retail investment, backtesting allows users to access historical data to gauge profitability and risk before investing any actual capital.

Users can also execute their trading strategies in the real market with AlgoTest by buying credits to do the same.


2. EthosX

EthosX is a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform that creates end-to-end financial derivatives on the blockchain. The startup has started with cryptocurrencies as the basis of its financial derivatives and allows users to buy derivatives from the platform without the need for an exchange or counterparty.


3. Gullak:

Gullak is a mobile app that automates savings & invests these in gold. The app makes it extremely easy for users to save small amounts regularly. With Gullak, users can get started with auto saving just Rs10/day. India is a nation of savers, but the way the majority of India saves is non-smart & does not create wealth. There are 200 Mn Indians who save manually in bank deposits, the returns from these instruments do not even beat India’s inflation. Through Gullak, users who automate their savings can save 5X more than they previously did.


Shelf is the first Neobank in India focused on Young Professionals. It gives them easy banking & payment services and makes it effortless to pay bills together with friends. Through Shelf, users can create wallets with your group and make payments through it, eliminating the need for you to ever track, split or ask for your money back. Based out of Bangalore, it allows groups of users to manage their money using only one platform. The app offers group wallets, tracking expenses as a group and a debit card for the group

5. PayCrunch

In India, more than 150 million people have difficulties getting access to formal Credits either due to a lack of financial data or low credit scores. PayCrunch was built to cater to this gap. Using alternative credit scoring models, the startup offers credit through UPI and aims to make financial management easier by helping track transactions. The buy now, pay later app currently has over 10,000 users and aims to make financial management easier by helping track transactions.


6. Fello

Fello is a game-based savings and investment application for the gen-z and young millennials of India to save, play and earn returns more than a traditional savings bank account. The startup allows users to save and invest in financial assets, and for every rupee they save, they get one gaming token using which they can play daily and weekly games and if they win in these games, they get to win Rs.1 lakh every week!

Just within a short span of 12 weeks of launch, the startup onboarded over 250,000 users, with 92% of them being referred users, 88% of them being first-time investors who are spending over 12 minutes on an average per day on the app, saving and playing games together.


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