Get, Set, Smart: Experience true comfort with these five home tech brands

We’re two decades into the 21st century and have seen the rapid growth in technology. The presence of flying cars can not be vouched for, but auto driven can be, so we must be on the right path. If someone told us at the start of the century that in a few years we will have smart homes, we’d laugh at it and think of it as something absurd, but here we are!


Humans, in recent times, have become accustomed to the ease of living and hence prefer doing everything using just a click and ever since the pandemic hit, the people have started finding solace in their homes and desire to make it as comfortable as possible for them. This has given a great scope to home tech brands to work towards making our homes smarter and our lives easier. Here are 5 home tech brands that are here pave the path for the future of smart homes:


Cubical Labs

Offering a variety of solutions to build a wireless, cost effective smart home solution which is safe and can be controlled remotely through a mobile. Their products cover an extensive range of utilities that include control, energy monitoring, intelligence, and surveillance. This young startup, founded in 2013, offers a solution that helps an individual integrate their appliances with various platforms, control it from anywhere in the world and monitor its usage.


Home Brain

A brainchild of NetWorld Inc., HomeBrain, provides products like Security Brain, Lighting Brain, Entertainment Brain, Climate Brain and Appliance Brain. These products help enhance the features of your home along with actively working towards eliminating the need for heavy manpower. The brand is also known for their automation consulting, designing, and integration offering with hands-on experience in today’s technological era.



Riding the advanced home tech growth curve, zunpulse, has been helping Indian households save energy through the smart utilisation of electrical appliances along with providing comfort and convenience to Indian households. The brand hosts a generous range of smart appliances including smart AC remote, smart air purifier, etc. They also provide for appliances used in the external periphery of a house, like smart door lock and smart doorbell. Till now, the brand has automated 1,00,000 Indian households and is on a mission to power 5 million Indian homes with advanced home tech, in the next 5 years.


Syska LED

Syska LED is leading the market with its remarkable smart lighting solutions. It has a total of 40 patents for its lighting products and aims at providing a lighting environment in households and commercial premises that is energy efficient. Being one of the safest brands, its accessories and home appliances are reliable, durable and economical.



A renowned firm in the home automation category across the world – Legrand is counted among the oldest electrical companies. Now it has switched to creating sustainable electric infrastructure like smart plugs and sockets, video door phones, motion sensors, etc.

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