How technology changes the way beauty brands interact with consumer

Communication is key when it comes to interaction with consumers, especially when you own a brand. With a pool of beauty brands in the market, it has become essential for every brand to establish a profound bond with consumers. The onset of digital technology has opened up a lot of new avenues for brands to interact with customers on a more personal level and build a long-lasting bond.

The easy access to the internet and the massive inclination towards online shopping or e-commerce has changed the way of communication between brands and consumers. Everyone is looking for an instant solution, and their purchase behavior has gone through an enormous change. Hence brands are also focusing on building their tech team and extending technical help to their customers.


  • The rise of social media

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s lives, and beauty brands are levering every opportunity to ensure that their consumers are always in touch with the brand they love. The power of social media has made it possible for beauty brands to make a one-to-one connection with their customers and build a loyal community with them. From posting about new launches, and how products are made, from sharing tips and recommendations from in-house experts to replying to every query of each customer, the social media handle of every beauty brand has become crucial for not just brand success but also building loyal customers. In fact, the real-time conversations with the social media team of these beauty brands have helped to build trust and credibility with the consumers even more. Besides, since everyone is scrolling through social media half of the time, it has become easier for customers to access as well what new products the brands are launching, what are its benefits, how one should use them, and much more information about them.


  • The introduction of AR and VR

With high technology and the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), beauty brands are able to reach even more customers. These technologies are helping customers to check their skin type, what shade of lipstick suits them, and many other things from the comfort of their homes. Earlier, purchasing foundations and lipsticks online were very difficult as people often ended up buying the wrong shades. But, nowadays, thanks to AR and VR, customers can try out the products they want to purchase online. Additionally, there are systems through which one can test their skin type and what kind of products will work best for their skin and others. The virtual experience of the products is extremely beneficial for the consumers, and they love this new way of how beauty brands make an effort to make things smoother for their beloved customers.


  • The importance of data

Beauty brands are keeping every tab of each of their customers. Based on their previous orders, choices, and browsing history, brands are able to recommend the right products to their customers. Also, the recommendations are coming in with videos and testimonials to ensure that consumers make the right purchase. The customer database is vital to every beauty brand, and they are making sure that their consumers always get the best support from the brand.

The rise of technology has only helped beauty brands to achieve their goals in a bigger and better way. Since every brand has its customers at its heart, the presence of technology has aided in strengthening the brand and consumer relationship even more.


(The author is Ms. Arthi Raguram, Founder of Deyga Organics and the views expressed in this article are her own)

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