Paperwiff: Empowering Vernacular Literature and Encouraging Young Authors in India

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Ms. Vrinda Singh, Paperwiff


  1. How can one publish poems, shares, thoughts, opinions, and books exclusively on Paperwiff in more than 4000 Indian languages?

Paperwiff is a standard blogging platform for social journalism and content management, hence we tried keeping it so simple that even a person who is not very techno savvy can publish their words on our website. They just need to sign up and they’re good to go. Also on the website itself we have shared the guide so that it’s easier for them to take it forward.


Reference: https://www.paperwiff.com/how-to-publish


  1. How Paperwiff is encouraging the growth of vernacular literature in India?

Words help us to express our emotions. And expressions are beautiful in every language. Paperwiff is bridging the gap between readers and writers by creating a digital library wherein content is uploaded in all the vernacular languages and anyone who loves reading can have a sound read.It basically serves you both as emphatic writer and curious reader. Paperwiff is home to thousands of independent languages, where we combine literature and technology to express, read and explore only the best, while we filter out the rest. Paperwiff is a family of 1 lakh curious readers and thousands of writers and still growing.


  1. How Paperwiff encourages young authors and literary talents of India?

We conduct a lot of online contests, monetisation programs so that writers get rewards and acknowledgment for their work. Also we conduct offline and online open mics, curated poetry shows, mushairas so that a writer can get the right stage and reach the masses with their powerful words. In these shows we also choose a Performer of the day to felicitate the good work. We also record videos and give our participants an online positioning.


  1. How digital publishing platforms are emerging as a new market?

People consume a lot of content online nowadays. They have shifted from Theatres to OTTs, Newspapers to electronic portals, offline tuitions to online classes etc. So we already have a built market with online readers and viewers. It is just that we tend to create a safe space where every writer can get their type of readers and vice-versa.

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