Top 7 HRtech Platforms Helping Startups Survive and Thrive

The world is currently facing the threat of a looming recession, which has resulted in a plethora of challenges. One major impact of this situation is the financial strain it’s placing on organizations globally. Start-ups, in particular, are facing a significant funding crunch due to a combination of macroeconomic factors, which has presented an especially difficult challenge for them.

Most startups work with limited resources. In order to sustain efficiency and, ultimately, profitability, startups in attrition-heavy cultures must focus on staff retention. Absence of early investments in HR technologies that enable policy simplification and better employee experience turns into a phenomena that defines a culture, stretching the resources of even a well-funded firm. By improving the employee experience and engagement levels, modern HRtech systems may significantly enhance productivity and profitability.

Here are the top 5 platforms for startups that are assisting them in preserving their efficiency and profitability.


TeamLease HRtech

To close the gap in the HR industry, TeamLease HRtech is replacing manual, inaccurate, and time-consuming HR management tasks with highly automated and digitalized goods and processes. They will facilitate a great employee experience while boosting productivity, throughput, and digital engagement.

The company provides comprehensive tech solution suites for payroll management, workforce administration, talent acquisition, benefits, and compliance, with its main platform based on Node.js and utilising cutting-edge technologies like Microservices on AWS and Kubernetes. Along with that, it provides a cloud-based HCM platform that combines AI and ML to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity by as much as 50%.



Darwinbox is a comprehensive and integrated human resource (HR) software that serves as a one-stop shop for all technological components of the HR division. In addition to performance management and exit planning, Darwinbox solves all HR-related demands throughout the employee life cycle, including payroll, leave, transfer, and departure management. The Darwinbox founders believe that superior products and market fit are the keys to long-term success. In order to provide the most cutting-edge enterprise HR technology solution, Darwinbox plans to concentrate on research and investment in deep-tech solutions.



Zimyo aims to provide businesses with the best employee experience possible. Their technologies help hundreds of businesses by reducing employee onboarding times, turnover rates, streamlining ESS procedures and helpdesk, and doing much more in order to improve their key performance indicators. In the HR IT market, Zimyo gives organisations a complete platform for HR, payroll, performance, engagement, and employee benefits. Businesses have seen a decrease in employee attrition, greater retention, and higher employee engagement by 2.5–3 times as a result of their dependable HR solutions.


Ethos HR

With almost two decades of experience, Ethos HR Management has established itself as a market leader in people management and has provided dependable, superior services to companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries, from start-ups to large multinational corporations.

Ethos conducts needs evaluations with businesses and a wide range of other organisations before providing specialised hiring, outsourcing, training, and consulting services for both on-shore and off-shore requirements. Lean, scalable, and very flexible RPO engagement models are what they offer to their clients. They offer value-added services in addition to recruitment, talent deployment & outsourcing, management consulting, and recruitment process outsourcing.



ZingHR uses cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain Data Management Systems, Face-ID, Zero-touch Payroll, Digital Onboarding, chatbots, and Robotic Interviewing to create industry-specific solutions that produce significant and discernible outcomes. From “Hire to Rehire,” their platform offers a comprehensive variety of services, each one tailored specifically for a particular class of business. ZingHR’s processes and attributes together result in better problem-solving and revenue-boosting solutions.

Their cloud-based HRMS technology is accessible from any location in the world and is bilingual and mobile-first.

Its products, which include employee engagement, talent management, talent acquisition, productivity, and workforce management, are designed to support an enterprise’s transition to digital human capital that goes beyond simple automation.


Many HRtech tools, including AI-enabled multichannel communication platforms, help in improving empathy, transparency, and ethical HR policy execution. These useful insights can be used by management to carry out initiatives for work-life balance, employee experience, and employee engagement. Startups in particular have a great possibility to quickly turn things right by leveraging user-friendly employee-centric HRtech tools and platforms.



Value Matrix.ai – HR technology company backed by AI and ML, is set to make tech hiring free of intrusion of irrelevant profiles, incongruent resumes and insignificant information. ValueMatrix.ai, is their AI-enabled proprietary product which is a Machine Learning run HR platform that helps in the validation of candidate profiles and resumes. It strives to bring in more diversity and inclusivity across organizations and thereby enable better growth and promote unity among people of the workforce.

Mr. Aditya Malik- CEO of Valuematrix.ai, strongly believes that it is diversity, team morale, employee experience, and the predictable success of the people as the defining factors in the success of an organization.


KarmaV is a Singapore-based startup with active operations in India, Southeast Asia, and the United States. The startup provides an AI-based SaaS platform that solves HR process challenges by improving the organizations DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) status.

The proprietary scoring system audits various HR functions like recruitment, compensation, appraisal, learning & development to identify critical action areas and help HR professionals develop strategies to improve workforce conditions. The intelligent recruitment solution provides access to a more diverse talent pool and reduces the time, cost of hiring by automating candidate screening and background checks.

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