5 High Paying Remote Job in 2020

Are you dumbstruck with what’s going around? An uninvited guest that seemed like a hilarious rumor turning to reality and then staying for months.

A lot has happened in the past couple of months that neither of us expected.

But one good thing stemming out of COVID-19 is the plethora of opportunities in the internet marketing job sector.

The hiring in Digital Marketing has instead increased rather than decreasing or becoming obsolete like in other job sectors.

Digital Marketing agency owners are cleverly using virtual office to set up the business

It’s unlikely that you were laid off from your digital marketing job, but in the off chance if you were then worry not. There has never been more job opportunities.

In this post we will walk through 5 of the highest paying remote jobs in 2020 that you should take advantage of

  1. Social Media Manager

There have been relaxations with respect to lockdowns that were enforced amidst pandemic. This has created a huge opportunity in the social media marketing ecosystem. 

An Endless number of unexpected things are taking place everyday. You wake up and suddenly discover a viral trend that caught up while you were sleeping.

This calls for a social media marketer who can spot these viral trends and moreover give rise to these trends. Create and execute a brand conversation strategy.

The sheer amount of content that needs to be created and dissipated is unbelievable.

The job of a social media marketer is not an easy one as it calls for adaptability, presence of mind, creativity.

Social media marketing jobs are paying really well.

If the above mentioned attributes match you then grab this awesome opportunity. You can make a lot of money in this pandemic in a social media marketing job.

It will be a plus if you can also run social media ads on platforms like Facebook Ads & Twitter.

  1. Paid Campaigns Manager

Paid campaign management is a very high paying job & in demand.

A paid campaign manager’s job requires looking after paid advertising across various advertising networks like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Taboola and more.

He is responsible for spending the ad budget efficiently thereby allowing the client to make more profit.

Due to COVID-19 e-commerce business sector has boosted abysmally.

Many products have emerged in the market that are filling the gaps created by COVID-19.

And people are in dire need of these products that can help them. For example remote workers need to keep their health in check; for that they need products like posture correctors.

Businesses that have entered the e-commerce arena or e-commerce businesses that have increased the merchandise to meet their customers’ needs have to heavily rely on paid marketer’s skill to sell these products.

A paid marketer can sell e-commerce products using Facebook, Instagram ads & Google Ads mostly.

Not just e-commerce, but even Food door-to-door service providers have received a green flag to deliver food.

As a result they need to invest in paid media to spread the message about their availability.

  1. Content Creator

It doesn’t take much convincing explaining how important a content creator plays in times like these.

The quantitative demand of content that persists now has never been seen before.

A content creator gets paid handsomely.

A content creator’s job role can be like content writer, SEO content writer, content strategist, viral content creator.

If Digital Marketing is booming then it’s only obvious that dependency of content creators increases. Without content there’s no digital marketing.

Owing to the growing demand employers are willing to pay content creators a good price for their skills.

A content creator brings to the table, creativity, analytical skills and knowledge of diverse niches.

As more businesses are born out of this pandemic and go digital, the reliance on content writers increases. A good content writer who has carved a niche for themselves can easily charge their clients €150 – €250 per post.

In fact, can you think of a better job than content writing for remote work?

  1. Data Analyst

A marketing data analyst is a very high paying job.

They say a marketing strategy can make or break a business.

What’s the key thing that determines or crafts the strategy?


Data-driven marketing is the go to strategy for being successful at marketing. A marketing data analyst’s job is to extract, analyze and synthesize the data and make decisions that are backed with evidence.

Rather than learning from trial & errors, learn from data in bulk & don’t err at all.

A data analyst can work from home, all he needs is his expertise & tools to work magic for a business.

You know what’s even better? Knowing a foreign language french for example, being a data analyst & knowing a foreign language can score you international clients & perhaps you can take remote work full-time and carve a very lucrative career out of this.

  1. Project Management

Project Management is a painstaking yet a very high paying job. I mean sure you have to spend your waking hours managing your team, delegating tasks, prioritizing tasks, keeping tabs of progress, projects, timelines & achieving efficiency at the same time.

But given the effort that you put in, this job does seem to pay really well.

Leveraging the project management tools like Monday, Basecamp, video-conferencing tools & more a project manager can effortlessly work as a project manager from home, get things done and help the organization achieve its overall goals.

Are you working remotely? Let us know in the comments any job that you would like to add to the list.

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