Content Monetisation Platform ConsCent.ai unveils its Intelligent E-Reader Solution for Publishers

The first e-publishing system in the world that integrates analytics, paywalls and engagement, to enhance e-paper monetisation experience


ConsCent.ai, an Indian startup that provides news publishers and OTTs with full-stack content monetisation and user lifecycle management solutions, has announced the introduction of its E-Reader Solution. A future system that combines intelligence, engagement, retention, and payments, enabling publishers to increase their subscription business by utilising their e-papers and e-magazines.


ConsCent’s e-reader solution aims to restore publishers’ control over their data, and enable them to improve subscription conversions and lifetime value of users using ConsCent’s suite of paywalling, recommendation, and engagement suite, bridging the innovation gap in e-publishing services currently used for publishing e-papers.

Newspapers are the most valuable and editorially rich content produced by publishers, according to Sunny Sen, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ConsCentHowever, if it is limited to print, it loses the ability to develop, maximise brand recognition, and truly monetise its content. As readers and advertisers rapidly migrate online and to mobile devices, publishers have little choice, but to adapt.


However, a digital presence is not sufficient. A publisher must be able to effectively monetise their valuable editorial content, which is essentially a result of how well they can understand their audience and use the information about their preferences, reading habits, reading behaviour, propensity to pay, etc. to deliver them with a personalised experience.

Quick fact: In India, at present e-papers account for about 80% of all digital subscriptions sold, which makes it vital for the digital reader revenue strategy.


The option to consume anything at any time with the choice of what time of day you would like to consume your content has made capturing user data an essential requirement for publishers in the internet age. Existing E-publishing software gives publishers little to no control over user behaviour understanding, resulting in a significant loss of user comprehension.


At ConsCent, we provide publishers with a comprehensive user lifecycle management solution that is driven by insights and intelligence. We created our own E-Reader System for publishers in response to the current requirement for monetising e-paper and having a solution that can provide user data to the publishers. This is the world’s only intelligent solution for publishers interested in monetising their e-papers through a hybrid and dynamic paywalling structure, attracting maximum payers for their e-papers through our micropayment and subscription models in which users can pay per edition of the newspaper or pay for a long term, and collecting valuable user data that will pave the way for any future engagement with the users.

Our goal is to reduce cost and increase productivity for publishers by providing them with a full stack solution for all their content offerings in which data is unified, visualisation is simplified, and decision making is faster.”

Some of the key features of the ConsCent E-Reader Solution are:

  • Segment readers, retarget them, and connect with them
  • Using information derived from a centralised dashboard, diversify revenue streams.
  • Select, customise and implement various paywalls (hybrid, dynamic)
  • Employ an Identity Access Management (IAM) solution to prevent data leaks.
  • Reduce the time required to publish, organise, and maintain e-papers and e-magazines by uploading PDF pages with a single click
  • Ensure that users have a pleasurable experience
  • Analyze the performance of the E-paper/magazine using analytics
  • Control sharing and minimise leaks


Some interesting growth numbers and facts:

  • 50+ news publishers and OTT platforms in India use ConsCent to maximise user revenue.
  • India Today Group (India Today, Cosmopolitan, and Business Today), Outlook India Group (Outlook India and Outlook Business), MidDay, Jagran News Media, Amar Ujala, Udayavani, Amar Chitra Katha, EPIC On, Tinkle Comics, and are amongst some of our key partners.
  • ConsCent has surpassed 7 lakh users who can access premium content on ConsCent’s partners without creating multiple logins and can unlock premium content with a single click
  • ConsCent’s partners have not only increased their paying user base 10X in a year, but have also assisted publishers in making their premium content more discoverable through recommendations, engaging with users through audience segmentation-based targeting, and even retaining them through a host of marketing tools – all through one single dashboard.

About ConsCent

ConsCent is a leading content monetisation platform that helps media companies build a strong “direct-to-consumer” journey through behavioural and predictive analytics, personalised targeting and retention solutions, and a universal access mechanism of one login (also known as Universal login.) Many prestigious publishers use ConsCent’s platform for monetisation and engaging with users through its paywalls, analytics, and data. Some of ConsCent’s existing partners include prestigious media houses such as India Today Group (India Today, Cosmopolitan, and Business Today), Outlook India Group (Outlook India and Outlook Business), MidDay, Indian Retailer, Amar Ujala, Udayavani, Amar Chitra Katha, EPIC On, Tinkle Comics, The New Indian Express, and more.

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