Ensure Your Website Is Secure with an SSL Certificate especially during Covid-19

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As Covid-19 has transformed the way we work, with several organizations enforcing a work from home scenario, the Internet has become a vital part of the business. While several steps are taken to ensure that the workforce is well-equipped to work from their homes, some adversaries and hackers can take advantage of this unprecedented situation. Cyber snooping, phishing, and data thefts have increased manifolds. 

Without the ability to ensure that data that is being exchanged is authentic and safe, doing business over the internet can be unreliable and risky. One of the foundational platforms for providing the first layer of security is a highly encrypted SSL certificate without which your web traffic is ever so prone to snooping by attackers. Hence, it’s crucial to begin with the first step of internet security by ensuring that your website is secured with the industry’s best SSL and that you’re browsing the internet safely!

Website Security During the Covid-19

To be able to continue with seamless business operations, many companies have had to upgrade their online presence and remote work to compensate for physical office closure. 

According to Statista, before COVID-19, 17% of the US workforce worked from home, and now it has increased to 44% during this pandemic.   

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As the way of work is changing, securing the remote workforce is key to ensuring business continuity. So, how do you manage your mobile workforce?

The predominant method of enabling a secure remote environment working over VPN connections or intranet applications is via implementing SSL certificates.  

SSL Certificate – What It Is & How It Makes Your Site More Secure?

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic protocol offers an encrypted tunnel to transfer data over the internet, enabling organizations to stop any 3rd party from interpreting and accessing the data.  As it is simple to implement, SSL is used extensively across most forward-looking organizations, especially those who need to provide virtual connectivity to its employees, customers, and partners and to protect confidential data.

An SSL certificate is useful for not only helping customers recognize and provide legitimacy to a website, but also for aiding them to identify that the page they are visiting is the site they intend to access and not a bogus site which generally is the work of a hacker. 

But why is website identity, such a big worry? It undoubtedly has something to do with the statistics and facts that cybercrime and identity theft are touching record levels. Cybercriminals use fake websites to appear like a legitimate business to trap visitors into unwanted activities and steal critical confidential data. 

So, in a snapshot, here is why you need to secure your website with SSL certificates:

  1. Increase Site SecurityAn SSL certificate creates a secure link between your site and users to prevent sensitive data from being breached by hackers. Such sensitive data would include payment information, login credentials, signups, and addresses.You might ask: If there is a browser communicating to a server, can a hacker, who sits between them, compromise the SSL certificate, and successfully decrypts the transmitted data?Well, the hacker can receive the same SSL certificate, but he won’t be able to decrypt the data since only the server knows the matching private key to decrypt the data. 
  2. Guard Subdomains with a WildcardWith a wildcard, a special type of SSL certificate, you can secure your main site as well as all its subdomains. For example, blog.examplesite.com or vendor.examplesite.com. The wildcard is useful for business owners who are maintaining large websites with many subdomains. On the other hand, with a standard SSL implementation, you need to install a separate SSL certificate for each subdomain of your website.
  3. Improve Customer TrustWould you continue using a website that you’ve been warned that it is “not secure”?Hence, SSL certificates are crucial for businesses in terms of the customer’s perspective. The HTTPS on your website URL, tells your website users that your site is secure and free from any risk of eavesdroppers. It also conveys to your customers that you are considering their privacy seriously.
  4. SEO AdvantagesSEO performance improvement of your website is another additional benefit of installing an SSL certificate on your website. Google promises to give a boost in search engine ranking for the sites that adopt SSL protection. Having an SSL certificate gives you an added advantage over others who don’t have it yet.With all these benefits, an SSL certificate plays a crucial part in protecting business data. Most enterprises are increasingly dependent on SSL secure traffic to and from. It is widely used in
  • Cloud-based storage & backup services
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Cloud app hosting services
  • New Corporate apps deployed on private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures 

Where Is the Best Place to Buy an SSL Certificate?

In short, an SSL certificate is vital to transfer more confidential data for mission-critical applications. So, where do you get the SSL certificate?

Indusface has partnered with Entrust SSL and as its authorized distributor in India, provides SSL services to over 2000 customers. Through the Entrust SSL certificate, Indusface offers the strongest technology features available in the market at very competitive prices. They also provide digital signing solutions include Code Signing Certificates, Document Signing Certificates, and S/MIMEs (Secure Email Certificates).

The Closure

Enterprises should turn to SSL certificate implementation as it is a standard way to secure traffic to the increasing number of remote workers and mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

SSL is the first step towards getting your organization secured and it not only saves you money, but also saves you from a loss of business and customer confidence and hence obviously becomes the first choice. There are several SSL certificates on the market, but just like the heart is the core of human life, the right security will ensure the long-term sustenance of a successful business and hence choosing the right SSL certificate is what makes the most sense. 

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