How Data Science is Revolutionizing Every Other Field


Data Science is the hottest field of the decade. Everyone in IT is talking it, and many have switched their career to become a part of it. Data Science is basically an inter-disciplinary field comprising computer sciences and statistics to study, analyze, and understand data. The twenty-first century is the world of web 2.0. It means that it has enabled the user and computer applications to generate data and store it on servers. The result – over ninety percent of all data was created in the last five years and we generate over 2.5 billion gigabytes of data every day.

This data is important for all online platforms and computer applications. They use it to provide better user experience and for other business development and marketing purposes. Besides, we all capture and upload pictures and videos every day, and we want them in the highest of quality. There is so now so much data that IT people don’t know how to store and study it. This data has a lot of information but it’s impossible for a human to read it. This created the need for Data Sciences.

Although the concept of Data Science began in 1962, it made breakthroughs in the past ten years. Today, almost every field of life is using Data Science in one way or another to their benefit. This article has discussed these benefits and how this one concept has revolutionized all fields.

Artificial Intelligence

All professionals of IT are either using Artificial intelligence or talking about it. However, not many know how it works. It is the field that focuses on adding the intelligence factor in computer programs. There has always been a limitation in the field of computer sciences when it comes to decision making. Computers didn’t have and may never have the ability to make a decision like humans. It was believed that they could only do what they have been written to do, and other than that, they don’t have the ability to make their own decisions. However, artificial intelligence has changed that thinking.

With the help of data sciences, computer programs now record and study user behavior to make decisions on their own. They basically work just like humans. They first gather data and then make decisions based on the conditions written in their programming. Artificial intelligence is entirely dependent on data. This data is acquired on run time, and the program has to analyze it and make decisions right away. This would not have been possible had the field of Data Science not made its breakthroughs.

Data Science Marketing

Marketing has always been an important part of the business world. It’s no longer just about selling something; it’s now also used for spreading awareness for a cause. Many organizations use it to educate the world and collect charity. Marketing is an ancient profession and it has changed with time according to trends and interests of people. The advertising industry of the twenty-first century is not as simple as it used to be a few decades ago.

People are not only reluctant of ads, they easily get annoyed. This is the reason it became crucial to only target the right people and only with the right message. Now Data Science marketing has become the future of marketing because it collects user data and shows the perfect advertisement with the right suggestions. All marketing campaigns now start after studying the results of the previous one. Marketers now use data science to study all the past and new information before creating any strategy to get the best conversion rate and return on investment.

Speech and Image Recognition

The need for image and speech recognition technology was realized many decades ago, but it took a long time before techies could find a way to implement it properly. We have all used a bad speech recognition app that doesn’t even properly understand our vocabulary. Image recognition was even more difficult as it involves studying minor details of the picture. However, data science made it possible to execute these actions perfectly.

Each image has so much more information than what meets a normal eye. They are studied in various ways and converted into mathematical form so a computer program can understand it. Data scientists use various techniques to properly study and compare a picture to define it to a human. While this has given many benefits to mankind, people also use it for other purposes. For example, a fake id provider can now use this technology to create cards that no professional would be able to differentiate.

Smart Gaming

There is only a limited number of moves you can program into a game. A real gamer would recognize the pattern right away and easily win every time. This takes out all the fun from gaming. All gamers can relate that most games were like this about a decade ago. They started creating huge games to make them less predictable, but it only became perfect when data sciences entered this field. Today, you can play a good game hundreds of thousands of times and you will see new moves and strategies every time.

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