Induslnd Bank Fixed Deposit Is A Guaranteed Return on Investment – Know How

For time immemorial, fixed deposits (FD) have been a safe haven for many Indians, owing to the assured returns they offer in a virtually risk-free manner. FDs are a blessing for investors looking for guaranteed returns on investment.

With IndusInd Bank’s Fixed Deposits, investors get guaranteed returns along with an array of unparalleled benefits. Your money practically works for you as you enjoy flexible tenures, competitive interest rates, and convenient internet and phone banking. Interested to know more? Let’s take a look into how Induslnd Bank Fixed Deposits make your money work for you.

Competitive interest rates

Induslnd Bank offers one of the most competitive interest rates on fixed deposits. While investors can enjoy a rate up to 7.0%, senior citizens enjoy special rates! Some things to know about the investment option –

  • The interest rate depends on the deposited amount, your age, and tenure of deposits
  • If you are opting for an FD with a tenure of less than 6 months, your interest will be calculated as simple interest on maturity
  • If you opt for a monthly interest option, the interest rate will be a discounted one when compared with the standard interest rate

A world of benefits

Investing in IndusInd Bank’s Fixed Deposits means you enjoy a flexible tenure so you can access your funds whenever you need. The lock-in period for your deposit starts from 7 days and can extend up to 10 years. These funds can also be withdrawn pre-maturely. They also come at competitive interest rates with multiple deposit schemes. Here are some more benefits that are sure to excite you:

  • The bank offers flexible interest payment. This means you can choose to receive the payment monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually, or on maturity – whichever suits your needs
  • It is possible to make partial withdrawals once the fixed tenure is crossed
  • The deposits come with auto-renewal and nomination facilities for depositors
  • There are special rates for senior citizens
  • The much popular tax-saver deposits are also offered for FDs up to Rs. 1,50,000
  • Depositors can take advantage of multiple convenient banking options offered by IndusInd Bank such as mobile banking, net banking. In addition, both existing as well as new customers can open a fixed deposit by simply clicking on the link available on the website.
  • You can also link your FD account to your savings account to enjoy the sweep in-sweep out facility

Know your eligibility

Before planning to invest in fixed deposits, you need to know whether you meet the eligibility criteria. Induslnd Bank FD is meant for varied groups of people and organizations such as individuals, minors with guardians, partnership firms, clubs, HUF’s, associations, sole proprietorship, trusts, and limited companies. All you need is your PAN and Aadhaar details to open a fixed deposit account with IndusInd Bank in an instant.

For guaranteed returns with attractive interest rates, choose Induslnd Bank Fixed Deposits today. You can open one from the comfort of your home, using a simple online process. So, throw your investment worries out of the window, and start earning guaranteed returns with Induslnd Bank.

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