The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

Maybe you have heard that content is king. Content includes news stories, how-to articles, cute dog videos, reviews, and just about everything else on the internet. Content informs, answers our questions, helps us make decisions, and entertains us. Content works for both the consumer and companies selling their products.

What is Content Creation

Content creation is nothing more than coming up with a topic and creating the content. Many times this content is used to promote a product or business. Content can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographic
  • Video
  • eBook
  • Advertisement

It is important that the content is relevant to your audience and the product you’re selling. Grammar and spelling are important. A poorly written article with misspelled words will not help instill confidence in your audience. Content is so important that 61% of online purchases occur because a customer read your article.


SEO or Search engine optimization starts with keyword research. If your content is about portable heaters, for example, you can do keyword research on all relevant words.

It is best to use phrases like how to heat a room instead of a single keyword like heaters. These longer phrases are called long-tail keyword phrases and can have less competition.

As you write the content, you will want to sprinkle this keyword phrase throughout the article. If possible, use your keyword phrase in the title and or a subheading. Use your keyword phrase several times in an article, not too many times, because that is considered keyword stuffing.

Content Platforms

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one content platform. You can have articles on your company blog, a podcast on a video platform, social media announcements, or a combination of all content platforms.

As explained by Contentful, “A content platform helps digital teams to innovate, iterate, and go to market faster with an agile, modern tech stack.”

How To Market Your Content

When a company starts writing a blog or podcast, no one really knows about it. There are several ways to get noticed.

One way is writing good content with proper SEO. When Google scans your blog with its robots, it looks at title and keyword phrases. Google looks to see if the article matches the title and does this by looking for relevant keywords. Search engine robots also look for meta tags and descriptions. When done properly, your article can climb up in search engine result pages.

You can also use other content platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to alert your customers about a new article on your blog. The more good content you create consistently, the more loyal followers your brand will get.

Content is creating well-written articles, videos, or other types of content for your customers. You can place your content on different platforms to reach the most customers. Write content that will inform and help your customers learn about the products you sell and why they should buy your products.

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