Top Innovative HealthTech Conferences & Events Worth Checking Out In 2021

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Looking ahead to 2021 is a welcomed relief as we leave last year behind us. For HealthTech innovators, this year has some exciting upcoming HealthTech conferences and events. The healthcare industry is certainly changing, and staying abreast of new technology and methodology will prove valuable.

There will be challenges, however, for upcoming HealthTech conferences and events. Many events will still be held virtually in some fashion. We will undoubtedly see hybrid events and conferences as well. But you can be sure that the tech innovations will hold to expectations.

For instance, wound care conferences like WoundCon Spring 2021, or Future Healthcare Exhibition and Conference 2021, have all the makings for exceptional innovation and learning within the industry.

If you are ready to get insight on top innovative HealthTech products and services, the following top HealthTech conferences and events are worth considering. Let’s dive in!

WoundCon 2021

This healthcare industry event is the largest global wound care event on the planet. And it is totally virtual, making it a cost effective event to attend this year. The event is scheduled for March 12th, and will be on-demand from March 13th to March 26th.

WoundCon serves up educational methodology, practical strategies, and innovative HealthTech that can be easily applied to medical practice. It is all about wound care and new technology revolutionizing wound care in the medical setting.

There will be 13 free CME/CE credits, over 5,000 attendees from over 100 countries, and 17 speakers. This event is a must for any healthcare practitioners or healthcare industry leaders.

Future Healthcare Exhibition and Conference 2021

The Future Healthcare Exhibition and Conference 2021 is an international conference set up by the United Kingdom trade organization. There is a ton to explore during this virtual HealthTech event taking place June 8th and June 9th.

Highlights include medical technology advancements, healthcare services, preventive treatments, imaging diagnostics, and more. And the focus aims to bring new technology and practices to life. This event is hailed as one of the most important events for health innovation and technology.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit 2021

This is certainly an event worth checking out if you are looking for innovative tech and new practices within healthcare. The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS) is currently scheduled for June 2021, but no set dates have been announced yet.

Why DHIS? This event brings together industry leaders, innovators, technology companies, and investors who are all taking on digital health transformation. The 2019 speakers for DHIS included Ford Professor of Economics at MIT, Jonathan Gruber, PhD, President of Firefly Health, Fay Rotenberg, and more.

MedTech Conference 2021

The MedTech Conference is currently scheduled for Fall 2021 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Attendees include healthcare innovators, investors, and top executives from around the globe.

This is a great event to chat it up and learn insights from strategic healthcare partners, startup healthcare tech innovators, practitioners, and investors. It is all about business and medical tech, premiering some of the latest cutting edge medical products and services.

HLTH Conference 2021

This is another top innovative HealthTech conference worth checking out in 2021. The HLTH Conference brings together over 5,000 healthcare industry leaders. The event is currently scheduled for October 17th through October 20th in Boston, Massachusetts.

You can expect a ton of exceptional seminars, speakers, presentations, and more. Attendees include healthcare executives, providers, investors, HealthTech startups and established companies, government officials, and practitioners.

From creating new healthcare policies to developing innovative medical technology, you can expect a lot from this event. This is a definite “save the date” conference.

HCSRN Conference 2021

The Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) Conference 2021 will be held virtually on May 11th and May 12th. This virtual event for healthcare and HealthTech is a gathering place for real-world health systems in multiple settings, such as academic and patient-partner communities.

You can expect a ton of discussions with healthcare industry collaborators, as well as leading academics, offering insight into the latest challenges and research in the industry. Innovative technology is always showcased during this conference with emphasis on the future of healthcare systems and research.

Many outcomes from past HCSRN conferences have been utilized in practice and published in the Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Review and issues of Clinical Medicine and Research.

In Conclusion . . .

The above top innovative HealthTech conferences and events worth checking out in 2021 are among many to be held this year. Some of these events may be held virtually, but you can be sure that the insights will still hold valuable for those interested in the innovative future of healthcare and health technology.

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