Your Journey to ‘New Luxury’

We are living in a time like no other, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives. From the personal to the professional, the definition of luxury – how we express and access it – has changed overnight.

Take for example the concept of beauty. The frantic visitors of spas and beauty salons are becoming a lot more comfortable without make-up since lockdown began, as a study supports this notion, revealing that 82% of women are currently wearing less make-up.

Even once restrictions are ‘relaxed’, it is likely we will still spend more time at home, focusing on looking natural, fit and healthy. The post-Covid-19 beauty will be less about achieving a desired aesthetic and more about maintaining health and overall wellness.

Also, the idea of a luxurious meal at a fine dining restaurant may never be the same again. With social distancing becoming the new normal, the next time you walk into a restaurant, bar or coffee shop, you may not be handed a menu when you are seated. The tables may be placed far away from each other and you may not be able to rub of shoulders with your friends at your favorite pub.

But if you still wish to gorge on your favorite Chinese or Dum Biryani and are pining to go back to your favorite joint, restaurateurs are devising ways to win back your confidence while ensuring safety. They are reworking business models, rethinking technology, reimagining menus; all to prioritize personal hygiene and public health, so that you don’t have to compromise on your dining experience.

The ongoing lockdown followed by the post Covid-19 world will also sway your shopping behavior, with most shoppers buying online to ensure safety and hygiene practices. And presently, with all luxury stores shut down, your emphasis on brand values and a greater personalized shopping experience will be like never before.

And it’s not only about your beauty, shopping and fine dining experiences; healthcare delivery will also go through inevitable changes. Many of us are already availing virtual digital health programs as we are made to stay at home during the lockdown, not compromising on routine health issues, while focusing on simple daily physical exercises and contact with loved ones via technology.

But as you may miss the silver service and the warm welcome from your favorite luxury destinations, remember, all is not lost! Eventually, things will get back to normal and you can hope to return to your luxurious and happy lifestyle. Think about all the good things that await you, new luxury experiences that may actually be something to look forward to.

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