Top Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies of 2021

It doesn’t matter how many people see your ads or follow your social media account. At the end of the month, what matters is how many people bought your products and how much profit your company earned? This is why conversion rate optimization or CRO should be a high priority for your team. But how? Here are the top conversion rate optimization strategies of 2021.

Don’t Sell to Someone about to Buy!

A surprisingly common mistake is throwing up ads in front of someone on the ecommerce page. They’re already in the final stages of the sales funnel. They shouldn’t see pop-up ads or requests to sign up for your corporate newsletter. They could be shown ads for similar products, especially where you’re comparing the current product to other top sellers. That’s especially true if the person’s keyword search suggests they’re determining which product to buy.

Design the Site with the Customer in Mind

Every second it takes for your page to load; you lose up to ten percent of your potential customers. That is aside from the fact that search engines will downgrade your site based on poor performance. Make your site mobile-friendly, if it isn’t already. Only give them relevant images and make all of the content easy to read on a mobile device. Put the relevant information in bullet form or single lines.

Make Your Site Seamless for the Customer

Among the best tips to improve conversions, you’ll find the advice to add PayPal Express or another one-to-two step checkout process. This improves conversions for several reasons. First, a trusted payment option like PayPal alleviates the concerns about entering their credit card number into your website. Second, a fast and easy checkout process reduces shopping cart abandonment rates. This is in contrast to 20 to 30 percent of customers abandoning the shopping cart for every screen of text boxes they have to fill in.

Test the Relationship between SEO and CRO

What terms on a product page attract more serious buyers over casual researchers? What enticements on the product page increase their conversion rate? You might find that 5 dollars off matters more than 15 percent off, since it is easier to determine how much they’re saving. For others, highlighting free shipping or other benefits may increase the conversion rate.

This is separate from minor changes you might make to increase sales such as putting the total price first and foremost on the page or highlighting the savings they’d get if they buy during your current sale.

Know Your Goals

What is the goal of a given page? Is it to entice them to sign up for a subscription? Is it to sell a product? Have a clear call to action for every page, even if that is clicking the buy button. Make certain that the buy button or other CTA button is clear. If they have to hunt for the “buy it now” option, they probably won’t buy it.

Make It as Simple as Possible

Removing the “Mister/Misses/Miss” drop down box on checkout forms increases the conversion rate several percent, because you’re eliminating a toggle button that doesn’t work well on many phones and collecting information that’s irrelevant to most people. Removing all unnecessary data collection fields will speed up the checkout process and increase conversions. If you want to ask them their opinion of your website, only do so after the purchase is complete, and even then, it should be completely optional.

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