Strategic EdTech Acquisitions: Paving the Path for Future Success

By Anil Nagar The edtech sector has witnessed a meteoric rise over the last few years, and nowhere has this been more apparent than in India. With advancements in technology and a growing emphasis on digital learning, edtech has reshaped the educational landscape. This shift reached a peak with the tailwinds of lockdown. During 2020 and 2021, the sector experienced a period of mega-takeovers and mergers. Industry giants all saw an opportunity to strengthen their position in the market and went on a buying spree. Over the course of 2021,...

The Impact of EdTech Industries on Traditional Education Systems

By Manish Mohta The education technology, modernly known as the EdTech industry, is rapidly growing. When compared with the traditional education systems, there have been significant developments advancing the education system for the upcoming generations. Innovative tools, features, and resources are being developed by experts in the sector to make education more accessible, efficient, and engaging. One of the most significant impacts of EdTech is it is rapidly making education accessible for all. In the past, education was often limited to those who had the social standing to attend traditional...

EdTech Transforming Higher Education: Innovations for the Future

Introduction Over the past decade, Education Technology (EdTech) has experienced a remarkable surge. According to HOLO IQ, EdTech started with $500 million in investments in 2010, and by 2019, it skyrocketed 14 times higher to an astounding $7 billion. It further projects a staggering $87 billion investment over the next ten years, nearly tripling the investment. This forecast paints a clear picture of the tremendous growth potential EdTech has in reshaping the future of education. If we dive deep into it, EdTech has leveraged its presence in three key sectors:...

How Technology is Evolving the Education Industry/Sector

"Technology has the power to reshape education, providing new opportunities for learning & growth" – Ms Shruti Verma, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Spherion Solutions Pvt. Ltd.   In today's rapidly evolving world, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, including the education sector. In the past, education was largely confined to the classroom, with students learning from textbooks and lectures. However, with the advent of new technologies, students now have access to a wealth of information and learning opportunities that were previously unavailable. The adoption of hybrid...
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