Fintech: Redefining financial services and driving financial inclusion

By Nishant Jain Over the past few years, Fintech has become an integral part of the financial ecosystem in such a way that we can’t imagine payments and financial transactions without the new-age fintech products. With the onset of Digital India, followed by demonetization, and then the black swan event of the pandemic, there has been a transformational shift in the way India pays. Today, when you step out in the retail markets, customers paying via smartphones is a common sight. The story was a lot different a few years...

Fintech Industry is Contributing to High Adoption Rates and Simplified Customer Life

In recent years, the adoption of fintech in India has experienced notable growth. The Fintech sector has witnessed several emerging trends, such as digital payment platforms, digital-only neo-banking platforms (neo-banks), technology-driven insurance (InsurTech), blockchain-based solutions, and peer-to-peer lending. These advancements have brought significant changes to traditional financial services from the customers' perspective by offering them enhanced convenience, accessibility, and personalized experiences. Fintech has enabled customers to manage their banking system effortlessly and invest through user-friendly mobile applications and online platforms. The industry's growth has been stimulated by factors like the...
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