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CryptoRom Scammers Add AI Chat Tool, Like ChatGPT, and Fake Hacks on Crypto Accounts to Their Toolset, Sophos Finds

Scammers Also Snuck 7 New Fake Apps Into the Apple and Google Play Stores Sophos, a global leader in innovating and delivering cybersecurity as a service, today released new findings on CryptoRom scams—a subset of pig butchering (shā zhū pán) schemes designed to trick users of dating apps into making fake cryptocurrency investments—in its latest report, “Sha Zhu Pan Scam Uses AI Chat Tool to Target iPhone and Android Users.” Since May, Sophos X-Ops has observed CryptoRom fraudsters refining their techniques, including adding an AI chat tool, like ChatGPT, to their toolset. Scammers also...
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