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Emus4U App Installation Guide for iOS Devices

iOS Devices

With a massive choice of modified apps and games, it also provides the most extensive range of Cydia tweaks, including the favorite games emulators, the very best screen recorders, movie streaming apps and much more. Emus4U app is free to download, and you can find out how by reading on.

How to Download Emus4U:

Follow these steps as written to install the configuration profile:

Tap on one of the download buttons When the page opens, tap Allow Now you need to provide the profile permission to install – on the new page, tap Install Settings open, tap on Install Profile and type in your passcode if requested Safari will open, tap Install on the page Tap Install on the popup and Settings opens again Tap Install>next and on the final page, tap Done When the app icon appears on your home screen, the installation is finished

How to Use Emus4U:

Emus4U is one of the most user-friendly installers:

Tap the app icon to open Emus4U Click the Check Out Our Apps button Click one of the app categories Find the app or game you want Tap it and follow the instruction s on-screen to install it

App Features:

Emus4U offers plenty of great features:

●     App Store Apps – lots of iOS apps and games, plus premium apps for free

●     Exclusive Apps – content not found anywhere official – Cydia tweaks, games emulators, screen recorders, music apps and more

●     Tweaked Apps – stock iOS apps with useful new features

●     Modified Games – some of your favorite games with in-app purchases unlocked and extra features

Frequently Asked Questions:

We get lots of questions asked about Emus4U, and these are the top ones:

I get An Untrusted Developer Error; What Do I Do?

Very easy to fix, this always happens with custom content:

Launch Settings and navigate to General Tap Profiles & Device Management Tap the name of the profile (Emus4U) Tap on Trust and close down Settings The error will no longer appear

Will Emus4U Void My Warranty?

No, Emus4U cannot cause your warranty to be voided because it is a legal app. It doesn’t hack into the iOS as Cydia did and doesn’t go against Apple’s security protocols. Some of the tweaks are a different matter; delete them before you take your device to an Apple store. You can install them again later.

I Can’t Download Emus4U or Verify it:

Emus4U uses expired enterprise certificates to work, and Apple revokes these. The developers manage to keep these replaced most of the time, but sometimes Apple is too quick for them. Delete Emus4U from your device and leave things for a few hours. The developers will update the certificate, and when you reinstall it, the app will work.

You may get a similar error when you use modified apps without removing the stock app first. If you try to install, for example, Spotify++, you must delete the stock Spotify app first otherwise there will be problems

Can I Ask For an App or Game?

Yes. Go to the Twitter feed for the developer and put your request there. There is no guarantee that you will get what you ask for though; they get lots of these requests every day.

One of My Apps Crashed – What Should I Do?

The simplest way is to delete the crashed app and install it again

Try Emus4U today; it’s a great installer and is free to use. Follow us on Facebook, and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest tips and app recommendations

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