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Top 4 Video Production Trends to Watch in 2019 [Sponsored]

Video Production

In most cases they may not be ‘new’ to video production, but instead may be trends that have slowly grown in popularity – or suddenly come into their own.

While it is still too early in 2019 to predict exactly what trends will have a defining part to play this year, there are several trends that already seem to be worth keeping an eye on.

Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 Video

The adoption of VR and 360 video has been slow, but every year it gains popularity and becomes more and more accessible. Up till now most immersive VR experiences have been restricted to video games, but that could be set to change in 2019.

Already there are plans for 360-degree video and immersive VR experiences across the entertainment industry. One of the most notable is the NBA League Pass VR that will provide a live immersive VR experience of being courtside for select games.

On a smaller scale it is expected that the presence of more affordable 360-video and VR recording tools will further popularize the format as a whole.

Higher Resolution Videos

Of all the trends, the continued growth of video resolutions is undoubtedly the most predictable. Throughout 2018 the popularity of 4K video grew steadily, and that is set to continue in 2019 with more 4K displays and 4K cameras making their way onto the market – as well as several 8K displays and cameras too.

The ability to record higher resolution videos has numerous implications for video production and allows for more effective post-processing, editing, and visual effects. It that a full shift into 4K video production will take place in 2019, but more and more studios will start to record and edit videos in the format.

Cinemagraph ‘Living Photos’

The video production trend that seems set to feature most prominently online in 2019 is cinemagraphs. While conventionally cinemagraphs were difficult to create, they have been made more accessible by various software that help to turn a series of photos or a video into a seamless loop.

The main appeal of cinemagraphs is their unique appearance that draws focus to the ‘living’ (i.e. moving) aspect of the video. It is already starting to be used more frequently in marketing videos, content, and even digital signage.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Post-Production

As AI continues to develop at a rapid pace, its influence on video post-production continues to expand – and is likely to play a major role in 2019. Already AI is being used to assist various areas of editing and post-processing, including video curation, cutting, color balancing, digital stabilization, and visual effects.

Overall AI seems set to simplify post-production on multiple fronts. In consumer-level software that should make it more accessible, while professionals will be able to optimize their workflow and perform more advanced alterations more easily.

Final Words

One other notable trend not listed above is the current popularity of screen recording. The presence of built-in screen recorders on Apple devices and its general availability has expanded its use. While it may not play an integral role in video production, it is worth watching. For example the progress of Movavi Screen Capture Studio (as reviewed here) may be of interest.

Over the course of 2019 there may be other video production trends that surface and end up playing a defining role. For now the trends listed above are the most probable that may take 2019 by storm or at very least start to surface more and more frequently.

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