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Ada Goes Global With Automated Brand Interactions


Organizations that create valuable brand interactions to grow their relationships with customers have always been winners in the digital world. Ada, a no-code platform that leverages the power of conversational AI to automate brand interactions, is bringing brands closer to their customers through automation. The Toronto-based company recently announced the launch of a suite of new product features to support its global expansion, as well as a full rebrand and new website.

Ruth Zive, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ada

“Experiences allow brands to either win customers for life or lose them forever. Too often, those experiences break down at the point of interaction – when customers reach out for help and are most in need. Brand interactions should build trust and foster a relationship, which has inspired Ada’s recent rebrand and new product launch,” Ruth Zive, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Ada told CXOToday.

She added, “At Ada, we empower brands to deliver against their promise by being there for customers across channels, at all touch points; and 24/7. Doing that well distinguishes the great brands from the pack, and we’re proud to have done just that for some of the world’s most innovative companies. As Ada continues to grow and innovate, we plan to expand our global footprint, to automate and up-level brand interactions for enterprises across verticals and geographies.”

With the continued acceleration of the digital economy as a result of the pandemic, new enhancements to Ada’s enterprise-ready platform will give brands the ability to scale their digital operations and connect with their customers wherever they are and whenever they need, in a cost-effective way.

Some of its new features include Language-agnostic Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that has been enhanced with the addition of a language-agnostic model. This feature improves the understanding and intent recognition of multilingual customers and gives brands the flexibility to train their bot directly in local languages, enabling them to interact with every customer – no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Ada now powers an omni-channel growth strategy by enabling businesses to deploy their conversational AI in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and Instagram DM. Other feature additions include, right-to-left (RTL) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew across Ada web chat UI and A/B testing that enables more confident, data-backed decisions in CX operations..

In addition to these platform updates, Ada is also partnering with leading contact center platform, Talkdesk, to expand hand off use cases from email tickets and live chat to the contact center. Together, they’ll bring scalable industry-leading automation-first CX solutions that help brands elevate experiences for every customer, while optimizing for cost and maximizing ROIs.

“With the addition of Ada to Talkdesk AppConnect, businesses can now quickly and easily integrate best-in-class automation-first AI chatbot technology into their contact center solution to further enhance the experiences they provide their customers while leveraging those experiences to create a competitive advantage,” said Robert Gavin, Vice President of Alliances and Technology Partners, Talkdesk.

As its technology continues to evolve, Ada’s brand is growing in tandem, culminating with the launch of a completely redesigned website featuring unified messaging and a new color scheme. The company’s new colors, textures and shapes represent its dynamic, complex and interconnected brand. The website encompasses a more sophisticated look, reflective of Ada as a mature market leader five years in the making.

“In the increasingly crowded CX market, we want to tell our story in a way that’s meaningful and memorable. We want the Ada brand to be bolder, brighter and better — and to align with the value our clients realize from our brand interaction platform,” said Zive.

“These aren’t just words; we’re reframing the market opportunity. Customers today don’t actually want an ‘experience’; they want brands to deliver against their promise – they want to interact with brands and have their needs met. At Ada, we’re looking forward to bridging the divide and bringing brands closer to the people who love them.”

On the heels of the product suite updates and rebrand, Ada has experienced immense growth over the last year. The company has automated 2.6 billion brand interactions and now supports over 300 brands across the globe including Zoom, Facebook and Square. It has also scaled its digital-first team to over 400 members in eight different countries.

Ada already works with several market-leading enterprises in APAC, including AirAsia and Grab, and the company’s team of experts is located in-region.

“There are so many fast-growing, digital-first companies in APAC eager to embrace the benefits of automation; we are excited to grow our client base and partnership network in that region in the coming year,” said Zive.

Recently included on the 2021 Best Workplace in Technology list by Great Place to Work, Zive informed that maintaining a collaborative, high-performance workplace culture is a key priority for Ada as it plans to hire top talent across engineering, sales and marketing roles to continue its momentum in the coming months.

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