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EverestIMS Sees Exciting Growth Opportunities in AIOps


With traditional IT management strategies unable to sustain the scope and volume of innovation, businesses began to realize the enormous potential in AI and started investing in it. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, abbreviated as AIOps, was created out of this pressing need to meet the needs of today’s digital business.

EverestIMS Technologies that specializes in providing integrated IT solutions to businesses too sees a whole host of opportunities in this area. AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) – are platforms that use machine learning and analytics to automate and enhance IT operations, including monitoring and service desk functions.

With Gartner predicting an increase in IT spending that may go up to $4.5 trillion in 2022, Satish Kumar V, CEO of EverestIMS Technologies says that the company is ready to ride the crest of this IT wave with AIOps and innovative automation technologies.

“From modernization to automation, the thrust behind the IT spend is to upgrade obsolete and out-dated IT Infrastructure; cater to enhanced capacity; address security issues, and to bolster remote workforces across the spectrum,” says the CEO of the Bengaluru-based company, adding that this is where AIOps can play a key role.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the AIOps market is projected to expand from $13.5 billion in 2020 to $40.9 billion by 2026. From a wide granular perspective, there are some of the crucial pain points that it should address.

For example, Kumar believes as the pandemic is showing no signs of abating, and remote work and WFH is bound to continue, the avalanche of data management for IT teams means that they need new and better tools to manage this.

“Speedier incident response – the induction of AIOps will ensure that outages and downtime is reduced to a minimum. Tighter security – the current functioning IT scenario at many companies has led to holes being punched into enterprise security at all levels. AIOps can tighten this and proactively ensure that vulnerabilities are closed and preventive measures are enforced stopping attacks in their tracks,” he explains.

Gartner divides the IT operations management (ITOM) market into three mini-suite categories — delivery automation, experience management and performance analysis — in addition to a roll-up of mainframe and other non-specified ITOM tools – and this is exactly what EverestIMS address.

The company takes a holistic view of things. According to him, “Rather than a single or dual focus we look at the entire IT ecosystem as a whole. Our ITOM platform approach helps manage the planning, provisioning, performance, capacity, cost, security, and uptime of IT infrastructure and services spanning private and public cloud along with data centers.”

Security from an IT Infrastructure perspective is also going to be big, believes Kumar. Intrusions will no longer be from external threats and we would need better tools to protect the network and mitigate attacks.

Kumar believes, AIOps supercharging IT operations through automation and ITOps which it believes is bringing a transformation to modern cloud and hybrid environments through a Unified Management Solution.

“We observe that Data-driven IT operations, IT Infrastructure improvement based on “Business Value”, meeting customer demands across speed, quality and cost, adoption of ML and AI in IT Operations, ESM Adoption and reducing IT wastage will be where companies need to gravitate towards,” says Kumar.

Explaining the company’s roadmap for the next one year, Kumar says, “We are looking to expand globally and have exciting plans to take our offerings to market. Our new positioning also means that we can penetrate new segments that were hitherto not accessed. Taking cues from our flexible platform offerings, we now cater to SMEs, enterprises and telecoms.”

This also means that companies of all sizes can now easily gain the benefits of our platform based on their unique needs. As their needs expand, they can mirror the same within the modularity that we offer, he says.

The company boasts of new products like Infraon AIOps that concentrate on AI-based operations management, a Zero Trust based product – Infraon SecuRA, and a more recent release targeted to the telecom sector, Infraon OSS, among others.

According to Kumar, EverestIMS’ products and solutions from both a horizontal and vertical fitment meshes neatly with the above predicted growth and we see all our offerings playing some sort of a role in this story. Some amongst these products may see sharper growth trajectories,” he says, giving the example of Infraon SecuRA which will observe good traction as there will be an enhanced focus on Zero Trust Network Access pertaining to security and thwarting malicious actors.

Likewise, SecuRA is perfectly geared to take on this challenge – it ensures that no unauthorized action or access is made to the network and ensures heuristic protection of an enterprise’s IT Infra and Assets.

“In other words, our entire slew of offerings is now accessible under a single unified umbrella with the capability to accept data via APIs from other systems too. This gives clients the flexibility and choice of whether they want a single silo of features or the whole nine yards. As we move towards the extended enterprise, our products will closely follow the contours of our clients’ needs,” says Kumar.

Overall, Kumar looks at the immediate future with excitement as he believes the company is well placed to cater to upcoming enterprise needs. “We have been accelerating our product and technology development for a long time and are all set to ride the crest of this wave with exuberance,” says a confident Kumar.

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