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5 Things that Go into Building a Kickass Brand Experience

brand experience

By Aaron Fernandez

With a growing number of businesses and the availability of substitutes, the cost of switching products or services has never been lower. Brands need to do more than the bare minimum of making products available to consumers. A brand must focus on a holistic brand experience to retain customers and acquire more. A successful brand experience creates brand awareness and differentiation and pools in more loyal customers. Brand experience consists of brand persona, interaction with customers/public, brand positioning, and more.

In the case of prominent brands, what the logo signifies or the name has come to mean will be the significant determinant of brand experience.

There are quite a few factors that surround the process of creating the best brand experience possible. Let’s delve a little into some of them and understand how to build a kickass brand experience.

Connect with your customers

Customer experience plays a deciding role in convincing a customer to buy your products or engage your services. It is vital to make your customers feel heard. Meaningful interaction is likely to get the customer interested in your brand.

In this era of aggressive digital marketing, it is critical to remember that your customers aren’t just statistics. Your branding approach, even when using digital marketing, has to be human-centric.

A suitable brand persona

Your brand persona should align with the emotions your brand wants to invoke in its customers. For instance, the brand persona for a cyber-security company should invoke feelings of safety and reliability.

The more relevant the brand persona, the more likely a consumer is to gravitate towards it. Although the world is becoming more connected through technology, it is necessary to consider the human aspects while creating a brand experience. Take efforts to personalize the brand experience to the needs of your target audience.

Build online trust

A brand should follow the ‘show, don’t tell’ principle to build trustworthiness. With the increasing accessibility to information online, it is easier now, more than ever, for customers to research companies, their backgrounds, and customer reviews.

A brand should aim to build trust through actions and consistent efforts. The strategy could be something as simple as assuring that their privacy and data are safe. When your customers are willing to provide powerful testimonials about how much they trust you, it boosts your online image. Building online trust should, therefore, be a core element of your digital marketing strategy.

Be there for your customers

Supporting your customers goes hand in hand with your brand image gaining trust. The customer servicing aspect can fortify your brand’s image. Be professional, be patient, and, as we mentioned earlier, be human and prioritize customer needs.

Companies can show how much they care by creating campaigns around how employee-centric the organization is, showing that your organization cares for its people. This approach makes customers feel that you are likely to care more about their needs and well-being.

Your digital transformation should focus on the human experience

Companies are rushing to become more efficient. You can now transform every process digitally. Digitization is undoubtedly the most efficient way to succeed in today’s world.

Focusing your organization’s entire digital transformation on customer experience is key to ensuring that you succeed. This way, you can gain insights into your customer’s needs and wants. Leveraging data analytics can help organizations create the right kind of brand image.

Understanding what kind of experience customers want can help brands design an experience that is more likely to create a lasting relationship with the customer. A sustainable relationship may lead to a positive word of mouth and, as a result, more traction towards your brand.

The digital transformation process allows businesses to use the endless amounts of data available to create the right experience. Rather than waiting for your customer to notice your brand, now take your brand to them and give them the experience they need.

If you truly want to build a kickass brand experience for your customers, make them the priority. Whether it is in your digital marketing strategy, customer servicing policies, company’s digital transformation plans, or product innovation, the customer’s experience has to be the focal point.

Remember, building a brand experience is about ensuring the customer feels what you intend to invoke. Customers may have a higher brand recall and remember your products because of the excellent brand experience.

(The author is  Co-Founder at Kilowott and the views expressed in the article are his own)

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