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How Citrix Helps Ruby Hall Doctors On The Go


At an age when mobile is becoming ubiquitious, Ruby Hall Clinic, a Pune-based hospital didn’t want to be left behind. The hospital that boasts of 550 inpatient beds and has a staff strength of 150 consultants, 500 panel doctors and 1400 paramedical staff was using TeamViewer to access patient record, but needed to be more flexibille and agile. A mobile solution was an obvious answer to their problem, as doctors were in a pressing need to access reports and patient records from anywhere and at anytime on their mobile devices. But, they were unable to do so.

“TeamViewer, did not address these bottlenecks and had its own limitations, stated Anand Patil, GM – IT, Ruby Hall Clinic. He explains, “The solution did not help us in accessing our applications remotely. Besides, we could not access them on any mobile device. The result was that doctors were unable to check reports on the go, impacting turnaround time, patient satisfaction as well as business,” explains Patil.

There was need for a viable technology platform that could overcome these limitations and fill in the gap areas. This prompted the company’s decision to go for an application virtualization solution.

For Ruby Hall, Citrix was the first choice. The company went in for an evaluation of Citirx XenApp, and found it to be exactly what it needed. “It was just right for our applications,” asserted Patil.

It took us just 15-20 days to implement Citrix XenApp. The deployment started in May 2014 and we went live within the same month. The solution was deployed in Pune, he informed.

According to him, at present, there are 15 users, including some critical care support staff and some doctors, leveraging Citrix XenApp. The new solution delivers applications such as pharmacy management application, customer feedback management solutions, nursing station applications, etc.

With the deployment of Citrix XenApp, Ruby Hall has been able to provide the power of mobility and flexibility to its users. “Now we can access applications from anywhere. There is also ease in deployment of applications. All this has improved the productivity and efficiency of the organisation. The critical care areas have seen special improvements with productivity going up by as much as 30 percent,” saidPatil.

“From the patients’ perspective, a doctor can now see reports or diagnostics such as X-ray and MRI images from a remote place, which was not possible earlier. With Citrix XenApp, we can now do all this easily,” he added.

This has not only helped patients at Ruby Hall, but has also enabled the management to take crucial decisions without delays. “Citrix XenApp can be leveraged as a decision making tool for the management as they can access our management system from anywhere, and promptly take informed decisions,” pitched in Bomi Bhote, Chief Executive Officer, Ruby Clinic.

The solution has helped us scale up and down based on business needs, and simplified business continuity by allowing us to host applications in redundant datacenters, said Patil.

Going forward, he feels virtualization solutions will continue to play an important role in Ruby Hall’s journey towards mobility. “Basically we are focusing on mobility and for that Citrix XenApp is the right application,” he summed up

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