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Cloud Computing is set to overhaul Ed-Tech in 2023

Cloud computing

Why is Cloud computing important in the education sector?

Before we discuss why Ed-Tech businesses need Cloud Computing consultants in India, let us take a look at the challenges faced by the education sector…


Limited Reach

One of the most challenging situations that still ail the education industry is limited outreach! There are over 72 million children and 759 million adults who are deprived of basic education, and, if we talk about the reason for this, the most prominent is the unavailability of proper education institutions close to them.


High Cost of Education

Although organizations like UNESCO say, ‘Education is for all’, the significant question is whether education is accessible to all. Moreover, is it affordable? Well, if we talk about the present scenario, one has to spend thousands of rupees from one’s pocket to get enrolled in an institution to get proper education!


Degraded Quality of Education

If we talk about the existing education system, it is nowhere near competent! Universities still follow the same old curriculum over the past many years. And students find fewer opportunities to work on their skills, thereby, getting rolled out from future jobs.


Cloud Computing to Empower EdTech Businesses

By now, you must be aware of the challenges that the education industry has been facing and may wonder how Cloud technology can be helpful in that! You may also wonder how Cloud Computing Consultants in India can empower EdTech businesses resolve the issues mentioned above.


Higher Outreach

For EdTech companies that have come up with the aim of empowering the education sector, one of the challenges is to make education more accessible to a wider audience. This is where Cloud Computing Consultants in India become important. They can help by facilitating the delivery of standardized courses from a central location to multiple classrooms in real time with the help of Cloud Technology. It also allows researchers to present their work to people sitting in another part of the world.


Improved Quality

Compared to the traditional methods of imparting lessons to learners, Cloud-based infrastructure is highly scalable and efficient. It allows one to make important and instant updates in the course content across multiple classrooms. So, with assistance from some of the best Cloud Computing Consulting Companies in India, EdTech firms will be able to ensure that learners are able to access academic content of their choice at any time, at just a click.


Reduced Cost

Even if we accept that ‘Education is for all’, when we talk about its affordability, it is still out of reach for many. And this is where some of the top EdTech players, such as Unacademy and Byju’s, among others, have been playing a crucial role in making education not only accessible, but also affordable to all!

Some of the best Cloud Computing Consulting firms in India have been offering Cloud-based infrastructure for current education specialists and making it easier for them to reach their objectives. At the same time, the cost associated with Cloud-based learning is about one-third that of classroom-based learning, due to elimination of infrastructure space and furniture. Additionally, since learners are not required to leave their homes, commuting time and travel cost are also eliminated. Therefore, one can access a wide range of courses from anywhere provided he/she has a supporting device along with a stable Internet connection.



All in all, a revolutionary technology such as Cloud Computing has been transforming every aspect of the education world. It has been changing the way we learn and manage our academic notes, and also the way we share knowledge. Its impact on the existing education system will definitely make it more resourceful and effective. There are some EdTech players in India that have been working very hard to reform the education system. To support these organizations, some of the best Cloud Computing Consulting firms in the country have been offering their services and making the revolutionary use of Cloud technology to deliver academic contents to learners and facilitate the way they are assessed. Thus, the days are not far when Cloud-based learning will get a complete space in the existing education system and make India stronger and more vibrant!


(The author is Mr. Brijesh Kohli, director Xebia academy and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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