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In what manner has the use of Google, Facebook and Instagram supercharged the growth of D2C brands?

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D2C brands are the new buzz in town because no third party is involved and the negotiation is straight between manufacturers and consumers. D2C, a direct-to-customers or business to customers is self-explanatory: it means that no mediator works between manufacturer and consumer, the manufacturer produces merchandise for the customer and sells the product directly with no retailer. D2C brands are evolving rapidly and with the help of social media, the growth is evident. From a financial perspective, D2C brands are becoming more prominent and paving their way in the market exponentially, the majority of people are opting for D2C. D2C brands are changing the face of the conventional market, resulting in tough competition between other reputed business that supports traditional commerce ways.

Social media platforms attain numerous users nationwide and allow people to connect from different locations. The entire world is on social media, and we all acknowledge that we live in a digital age.; thus, google and social media, like Instagram and Facebook, have always been our top priority when it comes to the dissemination of information to the masses, the reason it is reliable and affordable and gathers viewership as no other platform does, hence when it comes to business expansion tactics social media is our go-to medium. Now, as we draw our attention to business, let’s talk about How D2C utilizes Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Facebook and Instagram for D2C brands

India has the largest percentage of internet users, where Facebook gathers 330 million users and Instagram is sitting at  230 million users, hence, it is a no-brainer that social media draws the attention of the audience and consumers in bulk, the wider consumer attention, the more D2C brand thrives. Social commerce garners audiences with the help of social media marketing and promotes potent interactions between consumers and manufacturers, this enables consumers to reach the desired D2C brands. Social media provides an Omni channel approach and has a widespread impact when promoting a small business, especially because of the mobile marketing techniques it supports.

D2C is different from traditional commerce

The methods of traditional commerce are vastly different from D2C e-commerce, D2C are its own retailer that delivers service online via social media platforms, and supplies product and services directly to the consumers. D2C allows manufacturers to engage with their customers and helps form effective communication and primarily relies on digital marketing for their sales. Traditional retail model on the other hand have a longer supply chain and consists of the middlemen such as wholesaler and retailers.

Relationship between the manufacturer and consumer

D2C brand services are more socially engaging and support social commerce because it allows the manufacturer to put specialized services for specific customers. D2C apply digital marketing techniques that not only help in promoting the brand and accumulating consumers but also authorize them to form an effective engagement with the end party. Presently, consumers are inclined towards knowing their brand and want to know if they are receiving services from an authentic brand, therefore,  in order to maintain the connection and relevance, direct-to-consumer brands not only concentrate on social media marketing but also clientele servicing, taking note of their concerns thereby consumers continue to be brand loyal.

D2C marketing on social media

Social media is an unpredictable place when it comes to the popularization and promotion of certain brands, it can be a volatile palace when it comes to marketing and offering services to a consumer if social media marketing offers brands an unmatched influence it can also result in negative criticism, therefore brand should always brainstorm on ideas and ponder heavily upon their target audience, given that people on social media consist tools to promote your brand and various surveys also deduct that its an ideal method to market product.


(The author is Mr. Abhishek Maity, Co-Founder & Director of Adbuffs and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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