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Cydia Downloading Guide on iPhone running iOS

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It is the only way to download the tweaks that change how your iPhone or iPad works and looks as well as providing the largest ever selection of modified content. Keep reading for more details.

How To Download:

Downloading Cydia is not difficult to do, but it does require you to install a jailbreak first. Here’s how:

iOS 12: Unc0ver Jailbreak

Make sure you have sufficient battery on your device, and that iTunes is up to date on your computer.

Download the Unc0ver jailbreak .ipa file on your computer Download Cydia Impactor Launch Cydia Impactor, connect your device and wait for it to be detected When it is, open the location of the .ipa file and drag it into Cydia Impactor Type in your Apple ID details and leave Cydia Impactor to sign the file When it’s finished, open iOS Settings Tap on General>Profiles Tap the Apple ID or Unc0ver profile Tap on Trust and wait until it changes to read Delete Disable Siri and put your device into Airplane Mode Reboot, make sure Wi-Fi is disabled, and Airplane Mode is still enables Tap on the Unc0ver icon on your home screen and then tap Jailbreak Your device will respring a couple of times; when you see the Cydia icon, your device is jailbroken

If you don’t see the Cydia icon, reboot, tap on Unc0ver and repeat the steps – it may take a couple of tries

iOS 11: Electra Jailbreak

Put your device into Airplane mode and disable Siri Reboot, and make sure Airplane mode is still enabled and Wi-Fi is off Download the Electra .ipa to your computer – use the links above Download Cydia Impactor Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer, open Cydia Impactor and let it detect your device Open the .ipa file location and drag the file into Cydia Impactor Type in your Apple ID/Password and let Cydia Impactor do its work When the file has been installed, if you used a Free ID, open Settings on your device Tap on General>Profiles Tap the profile that has your Apple ID or Electra Tap Trust, wait for the status to change to Delete and close Settings Tap the Electra icon on your home screen and then tap Jailbreak Be patient; your device will respring When it does, rerun the Electra jailbreak, tap on Enable Jailbreak When it resprings again, tap Jailbreak – if successful, a message appears telling you your device is jailbroken The Cydia icon will be on your home screen – if not, repeat these steps as many times as it takes to be successful

How To Delete Cydia:

Deleting Cydia is simple:

Download Cydia Eraser from Cydia Open Cydia Eraser Tap Delete All Data and Unjailbreak Device Tap Delete All on the next window When your iPhone or iPad reboots, Cydia will be gone, but your device will still be on the original iOS version

Cydia Features:

Cydia has plenty of great features:

●     It is NOT a standalone app; to get it you must jailbreak

●     Download plenty of mods and tweaks to get your device working and looking the way you want

●     Download modified stock apps with great new features

●     Download modified games with new features

●     Download screen recorders, ringtones, themes, emulators and more

●     Most tweaks are free, but some will charge a small amount

Frequently Asked Questions:

To help you decide whether to download Cydia, here are two of the most common questions answered:

Is Cydia Legal?

Yes. In 2012, it was exempted from the DMCA copyright laws, making it legal, in the USA at any rate. Apple disagrees with this decision and, given a chance, they will still void your warranty. Safeguard it by deleting Cydia if your device has to go back to a store for any reason.

Do I Need to Jailbreak?

Yes. While Cydia is free to use, it is not a standalone app. It comes as part of any jailbreak utility and is automatically downloaded when you jailbreak. You can download alternatives that don’t require a jailbreak, but these don’t provide the same level of features. Check out some of the best options.

Check out Cydia, see what it can do for you. Follow us on Facebook for more tips and updates.

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