Coffeebeans: Brewing businesses with new age technologies

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Santhosh Sagar Reddy, Co-Founder, CoffeeBeans


  1. About CoffeeBeans, introduction, founders, what they do and the idea behind founding this startup.


  1. CoffeeBeans is a bespoke technology consulting firm that offers a range of services including, product development, digital transformation and process consulting to help companies build tech that enables them to achieve their goals
  2. CoffeeBeans was founded by 4 founders – Sagar, Madhu, Mitesh and Naveen.
  3. Sagar is the CEO and is responsible for all things at CB. He does focus on Business Development, Operations, People, Finance. Gets involved with delivery in certain accounts and projects
  4. Mitesh heads technology and is the CTO. He heads all tech delivery at CoffeeBeans on both the products and consulting side
  5. Naveen heads the USA office and heads one of the internal products at CB.
  6. Madhu is our mentor and a sales expert who helps our BD team with all things BD related
  7. The idea behind the startup was quite simply use our technical expertise to help businesses build their core and differentiating tech that would propel them into the future


  1. What makes you different from others in the industry?

Two things in particular, our product mindset that comes from building our internal products and our team’s extensive experience (over 2 decades) in delivering projects using lean and agile methodologies.

Our absence of any affiliations with existing products or services ensures that we are always using the best cutting edge technologies for the problems at hand instead of pushing our affiliates products. We are a true bespoke tech consulting company


  1. What service(s) or product(s) do you offer?

We offer to build end to end products to solve our customers’ business problems. It could be in the form of an app, a website, a full platform to handle their business.

We also help companies evaluate their current tech team, delivery process and the feature pipelines and roadmaps to find gaps and areas to optimize and help them come up with a customer plan to implement the changes and help them realize this change


  1. Objectives being used by CoffeeBeans to stand out in the market? Strategy to achieve the objective?

True to our objective of finding the best possible tech solution to a problem our approach is always to find the simplest and the best solution keeping the customers needs and requirements in mind. This could mean it might not be a big piece of work for us, but if it’s the best solution for the customer, that’s what we suggest.

This is basically the reasoning behind the name CoffeeBeans as well where we believe the best coffee comes from the most simple concept of using the best beans.


  1. How CoffeeBeans empowers organisations to build a full scale product to take to market

We provide the necessary support from building the entire product end to end, then helping them to build a team to take over the product   to helping their existing teams either in areas where there is a capability gap or just capacity constraint


  1. Highlight how CoffeeBeans assists businesses in converting ideas from plan to product to profit 2x faster

We help them turn their ideas into an actionable idea within a week or two by getting all the relevant stakeholders together and facilitating a workshop that helps in achieving this. This typically reduces the time required to analyze such projects by over 80% (typically takes about 2 – 3 months)

During the actual development we follow agile and lean development methodologies which focus on rapid short mini cycles that give the visibility to the customers on the actual product being built and provide timely feedback to make minute course corrections as soon as they are found. The output of this early continuous feedback is that the cost of change required is reduced by a significant amount. In a lot of cases this could result in significant faster time to market which could increase the profits exponentially


  1. 6 corporate technology innovations that will boost the Data analytics sector in 2023
  • More Ai/ML and deep learning in giving predictive intelligence to businesses
  • More situational awareness taken into consideration while analysing the tons of data in hand
  • Optimizations to collect all kinds of data and processing them real time in distributed locations where intelligence is needed rather than in a central location
  • Decentralized computing: Due to the increase in data captured because of increate in IOT and IIOT devices, more companies are moving towards building intelligence directly into edge applications
  • Distributed web used to its full potential


  1. How is this tech startup (CoffeeBeans) supporting other startups and enterprises in their growth journey

We have helped businesses build their crucial tech when they have not yet built their tech teams. Given how important it is to have a core tech solution irrespective of the business you are in, getting to market early is a make or break for most of the startups. It could make all the difference between being an industry leader and a ‘Me too’ product.

We have also helped early-stage startups with other aspects of their business, for example where they need to build their growth strategies into the product. We have also helped them build their tech teams that are crucial to be able to give confidence to the investors on the companies ability to maintain and further grow their differentiator which is in most cases their tech.


  1. Tell us about your growth & expansion plans.

Over the next 4 -5 years we intend to grow both geographically, in numbers and more importantly the amount of impact that we are able to create for our customers. In a lot of cases it comes down to the kind of projects that we are involved in and the kind of problems that we are able to help solve for them.

We expect to be involved in 3 – 5 countries helping small, medium and large enterprise projects. We believe we would be around 1500 strong tech companies by that time. We also intend to have a separate labs division that would help us churn out some of the coolest products, solutions and tech out there.

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