Digi2L stands committed to the E-Waste rules of India…Co-Founder, Alok Mathur, DIGI2L

  1. Could you tell us about the technology used and how it helps in the circular economy?

Technology is at the Core of the Digi2L system. It’s our unique consumer tech that connects all the stakeholders together on One platform to offer a seamless consumer journey for selling old appliances. Digi2L helps in circular economy by offering our consumer tech platform which connects the seller to buyer to facilitate easy upgrades and bringing the older products within the reach of consumers who could not afford it the first time around. Digi2L’s tech platform offers a self-assessment tool to evaluate the products with the feature of video quality checks and can be connected with logistics providers to offer Doorstep pick-ups. The robust platform manages the end-to-end journey for selling used products.  We help brands and retailers to market their latest technology products to consumers who wish to adopt them by offering easy disposal of their existing products through our platform. This helps is faster upgrades as consumers get a good price for their old products, which find a new home through our reseller network.


  1. What are the avenues available to sell Used ACE products and how is DIGI2L different?

There are limited avenues available to sell ACE products like the P2P marketplace and Trade-In. Most of these avenues are unorganized and there is no customer experience. One must fend for themselves and go through the troubles. Digi2L takes the ownership of disposal of used products once the customer registers their request with us. We offer complete visibility of the journey and the best price with Free doorstep pickup. For the consumers – we are Customer Ready, Price Ready and Payment Ready!


  1. Recently honourable PM Narendra Modiji mentioned on Mann ki Baat on the need to appropriately dispose of our e-waste to build a sustainable environment for our future generations, what role do you think brands and consumers can play keeping the environment at the forefront? 

We at Digi2L completely agree with honourable PM Narendra Modiji on the need to appropriately dispose of our e-waste to build a sustainable environment for our future generations. Brands today are manufacturing their latest appliances with greener technology. Consumers want to exchange their existing old appliances to upgrade to newer technology, but these old appliances need to be discarded in a sustainable manner. At Digi2L, we help consumers and brands to manage the exchange of used appliances in a transparent eco-friendly manner using technology that connects all the stakeholders on a single platform to manage hassle free doorstep pick up and drop at reseller or recyclers premises. For new appliances, Digi2L has for the 1st time in India launched – Assured buyback plans for up to 5 years. Now consumers can upgrade to newer and greener technology latest products with assured savings from pre-determined prices for their products covered under ABB. Digi2L stands committed to the E-Waste rules of India and for end-of-life products, we have tied up with accredited recyclers. Digi2L tech platform offers a tailor-made solution to Brands and Retailers to offer exchange and Assured Buyback services with Self-assessment – Video Quality Checks and Door step pick up by professional Logistics providers, to their consumers with 100% transparency. Therefore, carefully discarding electronics in an organized manner using technology will not only save the environment but also give a boost to the recycling and used resellers market space.


  1. How and why did you start digi2L?

Digi2L is a consumer tech platform which helps consumers to sell their old appliances at a  fair price without having to look for buyers in a hassle-free manner. The idea behind creating this platform was to enable easy sale of large appliances and gadgets, whether through Trade-In / Exchange or directly. The USP, is that it is an Asset light.  model which connects the seller of old appliance with the local reseller through technology which fulfils the transaction in a compliant and transparent way, with the facility of Free? Doorstep Pick Up and Drop at resellers location. The entire customer experience is managed by Digi2L.


  1. Could you tell us about the brands you are working with and how are you helping? 

Digi2L is currently exchange partner for home appliances for major Japanese and Korean brands. We have also tied up with a leading global brand of home appliance to offer smart exchange to our customers in India. The Smart Exchange Program helps facilitate the disposal of used appliances and gadgets through an end-to-end tech enabled platform which performs logistics and instant payments, making it a seamless and hassle-free process.  Digi2L provides Assured Buyback services to all major brands in the market including India’s leading brand of AC and washing machine. Digi2L is also partnering soon with America’s leading Multinational company in the mobile phone categories for Assured Buyback.

Technology is constantly advancing and it’s exciting to see what the future has in store for us. With Digi2L, one can upgrade in a more conscious and environment friendly manner, and the sale of used appliances and electronic gadgets helps to facilitate this process.


  1. What role does DIGi2L play in recommerce? 

The population in India is now aspirational and looks forward to new upgrades and experiencing new technology. This widens the opportunity for brands working in recommence to contribute to circular economy to position the products. Recommence is the future. The new generation is smart to acknowledge the value of money with the aspiration to experience newer tech. It also contributes to sustainability and a greener planet. Taking all these into consideration, the market and the competition in this area is sure to grow. Brands would be keen to sell their newer technology products to consumers, who too would like to own them. The old appliances and gadgets need to be discarded in a right manner. This is where DIGI2L comes in solving a Big problem area, using its tech platform to connect all stakeholders to offer a seamless hassle free disposal of used appliances and gadgets.

These are exciting times as we are proving to be partner of choice for most leading brands to power their retail exchange programs and our D2C pilots have shown great acceptance of DIGI2L from individual consumers too. Things are looking up and we are keeping our fingers crossed and working tirelessly to meet up to the demands and expectations by continuously improving our consumer tech offering.


  1. Please share details of your assured buy back program? 

Digi2L, a digital platform to sell used appliances, offers an Assured Buy Back service for large home appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and air conditioners. This gives the customers the freedom and independence to upgrade easily and sell off their appliances at a predetermined price. This also gives them the opportunity to save money and upgrade to a newer technology. This first-in-India program will let customers decide their appliance’s resale price on the day of purchase. The Smart Assured Buyback by Digi2L

saves the hassles of bargaining when customers sell their appliances and gives customers great savings to upgrade to a new model. All this is within the comfort of the customer’s home with Digi2L’s free door-step pick-up facility across most prominent cities.

Available for purchase with the New Appliance, the buyback scheme will be starting at Rs.299 for a large home appliance like washing machine and going up to Rs 9999 for premium model of appliance like Television whose invoice price would be 5 Lakhs.  The Plan can be bought along with the new appliance purchase at several key brand stores and E-com sites and can be activated through an easy registration process with minimal documentation. The Smart Buy feature is also active for large home appliances on the website of Digi2L.


  1. What are your future plans?

Some of the bigger future goals are, to make Digi2L a Unicorn Startup soon and to make Digi2L the most sought after consumer brand in the Used Appliances market space. The entire organization is tuned and passionately working in that direction.

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