How A New Age Startup – is Empowering Unorganised Service Providers of India

With a mission to empower grass-root service providers digitally and transform the way services are delivered to the customers, which actively tries to turn the dream of Digital India true. Mr. Sidharth Kulbhaskar – Founder & Director, shares more insights on the same


  1. Tell us about MYLA? is a home services start-up that bridges the gap between the individual and small-scale service providers and the customers looking for quality service in the comfort of their homes. has taken advantage of rapid urbanization, leading nuclear families with higher disposable incomes but less leisure time. Families want hassle-free service providers at their beck and call.


  1. How are you empowering your partners through technology?

As a new-age digital platform, our core business model enables connectivity between skilled professional and service users. By registering onto Myla. in, any service provider can benefit from a full-fledged digital shop that gives them an assorted and streamlined experience of doing business. In essence, the service providers have to bring their skills and tools to the job, and all other digital business support is given to them by “”. Anyone can register for free on Myla. We have a membership structure in that vendors can avail themselves of a “pro-vendor” status. Myla charges a very minimal commission, so ours is a Freemium Model of business.


  1. What is your company’s most distinguishing feature that sets it apart from competitors?

Our transparency, tech integration and smart back-end framework coupled with a very comprehensive UI give us a stark edge over other players. We have a broader sense of approach when it comes to tapping markets, we are present across metro and non-metro markets, domestic and international markets.


  1. What are the emerging trends you are seeing in the on-demand services sector

The Uberization of the entire economy, as suggested by Forbes in 2014, is happening. The on-demand economy is disrupting industries such as transportation and travel (famously), food delivery, grocery delivery, healthcare, salon, learning, professional services, and many, many others. The on-demand economy is a trend by itself ― according to a PWC report, on-demand apps will get to approximately $335 billion by 2025. This kind of business attracts funding, inspires industries to automate their services, and changes how we see the market.


  1. What are your expansion plans

As of current books, has successfully completed 20000+ orders and collaborated with 5000+ vendors who are a part of this platform. Presently bootstrapped, the company aims to raise $10 million in funding in the near future. For further digital expansion, will be launching Myla’s SuperApp that will be available on both iOS and Android smartphones empowering users to use our services on the go.


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