In an interview with Mr. Ayush Shukla, he revealed How Technology is helping Finfluencers to grow

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Ayush Shukla, Creator & Founder, Finnet Media


  1. Tell us about the process you used to create your content.

Content creation is a very research oriented process. It involves two parts – one is focussing on your niche and the second ensuring you follow trending topics to ensure you’re showing your audience what they want to see!  The process is very detailed and not a one man show. It involves a team, for me – I have two people who work exclusively on research and align talk points that could potentially be the highlight of the video. Post which, I work on the script to ensure it is written and executed in a way that it resonates with the audience. The last step is shooting followed by editing and finally the video going live! What you consume in 30 seconds, usually takes hours to produce.


  1. How does one create content that resonates with the audience?

To crack the code, it is important for you to understand your audience. Only when you know what your audience enjoys, you will be able to create content that resonates with them. Also, the language, the tonality and the key messaging should be captured in a way that it catches the attention of viewers without losing the essence of the topic being covered.


  1. Tell us more about Finnet media

Founded in 2021, Finnet Media is an End to End Influencer Marketing Agency. When the creator economy was just about booming, I identified a new niche – the one of finance creators and I knew that’s the one I wanted to grow. With Finnet, the goal is not just to manage ‘creators’, the idea is to build them into personal brands, one day at a time.

With our in depth understanding of audiences and creator USPs, we at Finnet Media started consulting brands to devise influencer first strategies. Today, just in two years, Finnet Media boasts of a creator network of India’s most sought after finfluencers and is also playing an instrumental role in managing influencer marketing strategies for brands like Upgrade, ET Money, Niyo Global and more. Additionally, we have also produced ads for brands like Zest Money, Tyke, StockGro and created IPs for CRED, CoinDCX, Fi Money and more


  1. According to you, How Technology is playing an important role in creating content?How technology is building the content creators for the next generation?

 Technology is making it easier to get into content creation because the barrier to entry is super low. And secondly, it’s making content production easier and better because the editing software is becoming simpler to navigate and more accessible. I feel the retention is increasing, while giving a boost to the entertainment factor. Creators are now getting the time to focus on creation and ideation, as opposed to editing, etc.

Additionally, with a tech-first world becoming a reality, we are also able to monetize big on advertising. Technology has been a great enabler for existing creators to build an interactive community in a hyper connected world and has also helped new and budding creators start their journey in an easier fashion.


  1. What career prospects exist for those who create financial content?

 When you create content, you wear multiple hats – you become a research specialist, you start gaining confidence in front of the camera and you have a pool of knowledge to leverage. Basis this, one can be a part of creating new IPs for news portals, help finance firms with research or you could even create your own shows, podcasts or even partner with a college/ institute to offer your own courses. A couple of creators are even trying their hands on acting. Content creation comes with some great skill building and there’s only more to it in the years to come. The opportunity pool is vast, one must just learn to explore it well!


  1. What are your long-term goals for the ensuing five years?

The vision is to elevate the influencer marketing experience for brands – make it more authentic and create more value while creating a more  viewer- first ecosystem for creators. The world is constantly in motion, hence while talking about five years is a tough one, but what I can surely say is in th next six months, you will see Finnet work with some of the best brands – not only from a marketing point of view but from also a strategy and wealth creation point of view. The future looks bright and we are here for it.

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