In Interaction with Mr. Vijay Sharma, Country Head India, Optoma Corporation

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Vijay Sharma, Country Head India, Optoma Corporation


  1. What are your expectations about the projector market?

The Indian projector market grew by over 25% in 2022, and we expect the growth to continue this year as well. It won’t be inaccurate, in my opinion, to state that the projector industry has significantly  recovered from the pandemic. Due to the increase in home theatre ownership, a sector that is typically thought of as a B2B segment has experienced great growth in the B2C segment. Since consumers are now bringing entertainment in larger than life size to their homes, living rooms, and bedrooms, whether it be movies, events, sports, or performances, the home theatre market has experienced unparalleled growth. Many of these are choosing to watch movies on home projectors rather than television. The purchase patterns of pre COVID era has started to show in education and government department as well.


  1. What are the trends in the pro av market and how do you adapt these trends?

According to forecasts, the size of the pro AV industry will touch USD 113.26 billion. Optoma believes in offering innovative products and has developed high quality AV equipment that are economical and equipped with the latest technology. Optoma has long history in PRO AV industry by being leader in European and American markets, we hold No. 1 position in 4K UHD and Laser categories. We are well-prepared to capitalise on this expanding industry and to offer the finest solutions in the pro AV category. By making the most recent laser technology available in mainstream versions, we are providing customers the opportunity to quickly pick laser projectors over lamp- and LED-based devices.


  1. How is the demand of gaming and home cinema categories?

The projector industry has benefited in a great way with expansion of the gaming market. In order to meet the demand originating from this market area, we offer a specific product line-up for gamers. We offer 4-5 models in full HD and 4K category for gamers and they stand out from other projectors because of their speed of response. While watching amusement or watching movies at home, technically, customers are more interested with how the colours, brightness, contrast, and other elements seem. Similar to this, the home entertainment category has a completely separate product line-up.


  1. What is your expansion plan for this year?

We are coming up with new ranges as per the demand coming from the market. Our latest eco-friendly projectors are suitable for the business and educational markets and result in significant long-term savings. Our more economical IFP line will debut in 2023, coupled with upgrades to the current premium 5 series. We will double our staffing in the sales department and give customers a better environment to interact with the products. Our first priority is to provide the finest possible service to our partners as the number of channel partners has nearly doubled by the year 2022.


  1. What are new launches lined up for this year?

We have already launched D2, a great value ultra-short throw laser projector. We will soon introduce D2+, a 4K laser projection TV with smart features. L2 will be yet another addition to the Ultra Short Projector TV category for the home projector. This will be an LED-based variant and will be less expensive than the existing laser-based option in our portfolio.


  1. How is the demand of Optoma projectors in the education sector?

In regard to the educational industry, digital transformation is significantly altering the traditional learning process as well as the overall educational system. Both in K–12 and higher education, blended learning will likely become more and more common, in my opinion. Education gamification, digital textbooks, and three-dimensional learning are currently significant study and evaluation tools, and their use is only expected to grow in the future. Projector demand will consequently rise in the educational sector to guarantee a flawless process of teaching and learning.


  1. What are the new technologies and features in projectors to meet the market demand?

We continually innovate to fulfil the need. Everyone is talking about laser technology these days, but we previously introduced a line of eco-friendly projectors based on laser technology in 2022. The majority of the top projector manufacturers will add laser categories to their product lines. In 2023, laser will undoubtedly change the game for the projector business, and as a brand, we will assume that leadership position.


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