Suki aims to establish India as a global hub for solving the biggest and most complex healthcare challenges

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with  Mr. Anmol Rastogi, Senior Director, Suki India


Brief introduction on the brand’s inception and journey so far

Suki is striving to solve one of the major global problems in the healthcare industry: doctor burnout. Doctors and other healthcare professionals today face a tremendous amount of administrative burden when it comes to tasks like clinical documentation, entering orders, answering patient messages etc. wherein they end up spending over two hours on these tasks for every hour spent on patient care. Our vision is to reimagine the healthcare tech stack, making it invisible and assistive; thereby lifting this administrative burden from doctors.

Our flagship product is Suki Assistant, an AI-powered voice assistant that helps physicians complete documentation and other tasks 72% faster on average.  Suki Assistant is used by clinicians across 30+ specialties. We also offer our proprietary voice platform, Suki Speech Platform, to partners who want to create voice interfaces for their solutions. Suki Speech Platform uses the latest in natural language processing and machine learning to provide flexible and accurate voice experiences, and is used by leading companies in clinical communications, EMRs, and medical devices.


Give us a brief on the company’s role in bringing about disruptions in the space with the help of its products and services

The goal is for Suki Assistant to help physicians with a wide variety of tasks.  Its current capabilities cover some of the most pressing pain points: clinical documentation, diagnosis coding, retrieving patient information from the EHR.  We continuously add to Suki’s feature set by expanding the types of tasks it can tackle and plan to add new skills like recommending billing codes and helping to manage the patient inbox.  A key guiding principle in building Suki is making it as intuitive as possible. Our investments in NLP/NLU and ML enable us to create natural, simple, and accurate voice experiences to handle these complicated tasks so physicians can concentrate on patient care.  We strive to deliver a consumer-grade experience to our users, which is a disruptive approach in an industry that is used to clunky, outdated software.


What does the future look like when it comes to AI enabled voice solutions and insights on the company’s product journey?

Healthcare is a very regulated domain because health information data of patients is among the most sensitive of data types. Healthcare organisations face the risk of significant criminal charges, fines and loss of reputation in case of data breaches. So, there are high barriers to data sharing. This is true in developed markets as well. The US healthcare system has seen massive adoption of EHRs and other technology solutions yet interoperability remains a challenge. This has implications for AI/tech companies that need large datasets to train models. As India builds up its digital infrastructure in this space, it should most definitely consider incentivizing interoperability while maintaining patient privacy.

Launch and iterate sits at the heart of Suki’s mission to create solutions where every pixel is in the service of the doctor.  We continue to focus on physicians’ biggest administrative problems and find more streamlined, voice-driven approaches to solving them.  We also continue to work with partners to expand interoperability so we can become even more predictive and assistive for our users.


SUKI’s future roadmap for India

Suki is well positioned to lead the charge with next-generation voice innovation that dramatically transforms clinician workflows in a meaningful, practical way. India, for us, is an exciting market considering the digitization of the industry that is currently underway. The level of tech talent in the country is world-class, and we are looking to tap into this wealth of talent as we build our footprint in the country. Our centre of excellence in Bangalore is an engineering and operations hub that will be the engine of innovation for the company. We want to help establish India as a global hub for solving the biggest and most complex healthcare challenges faced by the world today.


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