The integrations that we are putting in place will revolutionise how insights are driven into action and are part of an exciting product roadmap that is in place at Talkwalker

Talkwalker, one of the leading global players in consumer intelligence and deep listening, recently announced a strategic partnership with Khoros to expand services and provide brands with world-class social media management, intelligence, and deep listening experience.

Here is an in-depth chat with Talkwalker CMO, David Low on the partnership and what it means for the industry as a whole.


Can you take us behind the idea of this partnership?

Talkwalker is dedicated to helping brands close the gap between brand and consumer. We do this by bringing AI-enabled consumer insights to our clients so that they can make faster, and better decisions.

On top of insights, consumer-centric brands also require powerful technology that enables them to take action and engage with their customers. Talkwalker’s partnership with Khoros brings together best-in-class consumer insights and customer engagement capabilities in a single, seamless experience.

What this means for our customers is that they now have access to reliable data, AI-driven insights, and robust customer engagement capabilities. The integrations that we are putting in place will revolutionise how insights are driven into action and are part of an exciting product roadmap that is in place at Talkwalker.


What are the growth opportunities present for social listening in India, as compared to other global regions?

In India, we are seeing a lot of growth and innovation in the social listening practices of large Enterprise-level brands; both in-house consumer insights teams and consultancies are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they draw insights from social data.

Traditional use cases for social listening (such as crisis monitoring and media monitoring) are already familiar to most brands. More advanced social listening teams are leaning towards the use of social data for category insights, enhancing customer experience, and even trend predictions – and these future-shaping use cases are supported by Talkwalker’s leading consumer intelligence platform.

This mirrors the trajectory of the global brands we work with. Given the size of the Indian market, and its potential for growth, we may soon even see homegrown brands surpass global players, in terms of leveraging social listening and social data for business strategy and innovation.


How can brands benefit by using social listening tools? Does it help during festive season marketing?

There are three lenses through which we typically think about social listening use cases at Talkwalker. These are: Protect, Measure, and Promote. Most brands are already doing the first – they are focused on brand safety and responding to crises that could potentially derail a brand narrative.

For growth-focused brands, however, it’s almost just as important (if not more important) to put in place the right metrics to track influencers and competitors, research consumer communities, and to stay on top of the latest social media trends. Performance marketing experiments, ad spend metrics, and other paid channel indicators, should not be the only source of success measurement.

Talkwalker provides real-time insights into the conversations that are happening across social media, covering 187 languages across 196 countries. Consumer insights help with the design of local outreach and engagement and can create festive marketing campaigns which resonate more powerfully with a brand’s consumer communities.

Festive marketing teams are leveraging our consumer intelligence platform to discover these hyperlocal nuances, track the omni-channel activations of a campaign, build a global picture of their campaign’s impact, while also drilling down into the feedback of specific audience groups.


How is new age data, technology like AI, ML, used to offer services within this partnership?

The application of AI to social listening and social media management brings about time savings, cost savings, and empowers teams to put consumers at the heart of all decisions.

Talkwalker’s Blue Silk AI engine processes more than 170M videos and images each day, supports sentiment analysis (with 90% accuracy) across 120+ languages, and is trained on at least 2.3 billion data points.

Through our global partnership with Khoros, these capabilities which are applied to both social data and online news sources (across text, image, video and speech formats), can now also help Khoros users aggregate and analyse customer conversations and interactions happening across the platform.


Anything else you would like to add?

There is plenty of interesting and innovative work that is being done in India’s social listening and consumer intelligence spaces, and we’re proud to be partnering with some of the best brands and agencies in the industry – to transform social data into consumer intelligence that drives business impact.

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