Unleashing the Power of Cloud: Redington’s Innovative Portfolio Promises Next-Level Performance

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Rakshit Bhatt, Senior Vice President- Cloud Solutions Group, Redington Limited


  1. How does Redington’s cloud portfolio stand out from its competitors in terms of capabilities and differentiators?

Redington Limited sets itself apart from competitors with a remarkable cloud portfolio that offers unique capabilities and differentiators. Our S.M.A.R.T. Cloud Adoption Framework maps the end customer cloud adoption journey and enables them for Subscription, Implementation, Specific Solutions, and Managed Services. Our onboarding is tailor-made to service for scale and does not differentiate on the size of the opportunity.

Our foundations are built on our strong business and technical integration with the hyperscalers, namely AWS, Microsoft & Google. Further, our balanced investments in skills covering sales, alliances, technical pre-sales, solutions, and delivery enable our partners and the end customers to consume and transact with us for All-In-One service from Redington.

Our philosophy for Cloud adoption utilizing our Cloud Portfolio is to be a Services and Solution aggregator providing the same in-depth experience to any of our partners and customer and bringing it closer to what a large enterprise will experience. We have designed very specific and focused programs for ISVs, Startups, and Greenfield customers, which manage the credit cycle, implementation, and migration efforts in a time-bound manner and enable sustainable Cloud Ops.

We deliver our Subscription Services backed by our Cloud Digital Platform – Cloud Quarks, Consulting & Assessment Services backed by SPOTLIGHT which gives an in-depth analysis of customer environments & cloud readiness reports. Our Cloud, DevOps & Security engineers are competent to utilize Cloud Native & 3rd party tool sets for migration which is further complemented by our Solution Architects working on various customer use cases and enabled well-architected solution designs. We are also building on multiyear partnerships with our large partners, enabling a unique set of services for our end customers.

As a leading Cloud Solution provider In India, the Middle East & Africa & Turkey with a revenue of USD 250Mn, we carry Cloud accreditations on Storage, EC2 (SDP), Migration (MCR) & Partner Led Enterprise Support (PLES) covering AWS. This is further complemented by accreditations on Modern Workplace, Solution Partner on the majority of Solution areas, and advanced specialization on WDI on Microsoft Cloud & related services as a Tier 2 & Tier 1 partner. We are constantly working to enhance our technical competencies on other products (Google, IBM Cloud, OCI, Salesforce, Fresh works, Gitlab, etc.) that are enabled by Redington Cloud. This would not have been possible without the amazing Cloud Talent that we have and running certification programs to enhance them every quarter.

Our vision is to build a 1 Bn$ Cloud company for Redington in the coming years backed by our partners, vendors & the solution, and services we are investing on. The above is not possible without our ever-growing partner base which stands at 4000+ globally, with an end customer base of 36000+ and servicing them in 240+ cities. A big thank you to our partners and customers.

  1. What are the main drivers and barriers for cloud adoption in the Indian market, and how does Redington address them?

In the Indian market, several key drivers and barriers influence the adoption of cloud solutions. The drivers include a strong focus on transformation and growth, where organizations seek enhanced agility, scalability, and innovation capabilities. Additionally, the government’s Digital India initiative plays a vital role by promoting digital infrastructure and services for citizen empowerment. The demand for cloud-based solutions is further propelled by emerging technologies like IoT, Big Data, AI, and analytics, which require robust computing, storage, and networking resources. Cost savings and operational efficiency are also significant drivers as organizations strive to optimize resource utilization and automate processes.

However, certain barriers hinder cloud adoption, including concerns surrounding security, compliance, and data protection. The scarcity of skilled professionals who can effectively manage and leverage cloud environments poses another challenge. Additionally, the complexities associated with migrating legacy systems and avoiding vendor lock-in impede the seamless transition to the cloud.

Redington Limited effectively addresses these drivers and barriers through its comprehensive solutions and expertise. Our cloud consulting, migration, and managed services as explained in details earlier encompass a wide array of cloud solutions. These services are specifically designed to address the key drivers and barriers associated with cloud adoption in the Indian market. At Redington, we are dedicated to helping organizations successfully embrace the cloud, ensuring they derive maximum value from their cloud initiatives.


  1. How is Redington leveraging emerging technologies and innovations such as hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, edge computing, AI/ML, IoT, and 5G to deliver value to its customers?

Redington with its expertise and understanding across various product lines and deep engagements with not only Cloud hyperscalers but also other large vendors completely understands the need for hybrid or multi-cloud adoption models. These need to be complemented by strong enterprise integration skills and solutions with the existing hosting models in customer environments.  We see edge computing, AI/ML, and IoT as enablers to these adoptions and are directly proportional to the experience an end consumer will have with the applications on 5G.

The segments we cater to in the markets we operate have a range of customers who are at different stages of Cloud adoption. Our products, processes, capabilities, and skills are operational to meet the demands of our diverse set of customers with our partners. We are now building our Cloud center of excellence which will cater to Cloud Modernization will enable our customers to truly harness the power of the Cloud and integrate the advance PaaS Services & Solutions (Serverless, Containerization, Microservices, etc.). We are also investing in Data capabilities and working with the Cloud Hyperscalers on the use cases on which we will build our data solutions. We really want to Niche in this space in years to come.

We are uniquely positioned to unlock the benefits of both public and private clouds backed by the products we service and by designing and implementing hybrid cloud solutions. We have invested in an observability platform, and we are running various GTMs to onboard our partners and customers for a well-governed Cloud Ops Service in a multi-cloud model.

By utilizing the hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, edge computing, AI/ML, IoT, and 5G, Redington is well poised to enable organizations to stay ahead, unlock possibilities, and achieve goals. With innovation and customer-centricity, we promise to deliver exceptional value.


  1. What are the benefits of Redington’s cloud partnerships and platform offerings for various industry verticals and use cases?

Our cloud partnerships and platform offerings deliver significant benefits across diverse industry verticals and use cases, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of cloud technologies.

We have and are constantly building partnerships to build a strong portfolio of products and services. We are deeply engaged in the majority of our markets with Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, OCI, etc. Our enterprise portfolio has partnerships across the technology landscape with Cisco, Dell, HP, PaloAlto, Fortinet, and many more. All these have a Cloud equivalent product in the marketplace.

We have recently added a partnership on Security with the upcoming brand Indusface for enhanced application security for enterprises. This collaboration ensures that our customers can safeguard their web and mobile applications from cyber threats, while also complying with stringent data privacy regulations.

Partnering with Corent Technology, our focus at Redington is to facilitate the digital transformation journey for organizations. By leveraging Corent’s SurPaaS platform, Redington assists customers in migrating their legacy applications to the cloud and modernizing them with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities. This collaboration streamlines the analysis, planning, optimization, and migration processes, allowing organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and gain a competitive edge.

Redington’s partner platform Cloud Quarks, empowers its partners with an insightful marketplace and a self-service portal, accompanied by comprehensive migration support and tools. This platform facilitates streamlined selling and delivery of cloud solutions, enabling partners to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in meeting customer requirements. Leveraging its cloud platform, CloudQuarks, Redington assists customers in configuring their cloud models, procuring, and provisioning resources, and seamlessly completing their cloud adoption journey. By leveraging CloudQuarks, organizations can expedite their migration to the cloud, simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth transition. As a Digital-first organization, we are investing in the platform and will soon offer additional and unique features to our partners.

In sum, this extensive network of partnerships allows Redington to offer a diverse and robust cloud portfolio to customers, enabling them to select the most suitable solutions tailored to their specific needs and use cases. Organizations gain access to industry-leading cloud technologies, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of these renowned providers.

With its extensive cloud solutions spanning across healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecom, media, entertainment, gaming, e-commerce, logistics, smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart healthcare, smart retail, and smart energy sectors, Redington caters to diverse industry verticals and use cases. This comprehensive coverage enables organizations to leverage cloud technologies to elevate their business outcomes and enhance customer experiences.

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