Witzeal, a new age gaming technological company, is disrupting the sector with Tech-based innovations

Witzeal has a wide range of games which are all developed in-house; which improves player digital security while allowing developers to be creative and innovative, creating a distinctive user experience. Since the games are internally generated, they support the government’s “Make in India” and “Digital India” objectives, expanding the market for web developers. Technological innovations at Witzeal, like live video calling, gifting and VIP feature have been a driving force for a concrete userbase. With more such developments, Witzeal has witnessed a 566% rise in average spent by a user in the last two years. Witzeal is growing at par with the industry and stands amongst Top 5 RMG operators in India.  Mr. Naveen Goswami, Head of Innovation, Witzeal share more insights on the same.


  1. How is Witzeal making difference in the Indian gaming industry

According to a study, the Indian market for online gaming is predicted to reach $2 billion in revenue by 2023. (in terms of rake fees received). This shows that the Indian online gaming industry is on track to expand quickly. Additionally, there are currently over 400 gaming start-ups in the market, indicating a fiercely competitive climate, making it even more important to stand amongst the competitors. The incorporation of technological innovations has led Witzeal to stay ahead of the curve. Witzeal flagship multi-gaming platform “Big Cash” offers over 17 skill-based real money games (RMG) in cards, fantasy, and casual segments, all developed in-house. To provide a unique gaming experience, players have been provided the provision to create their own private tables and play with their friends and families. We have also inculcated personalised features like Gifting allowing players to gift certain bonus amount to their friends and VIP user feature enables our user to experience a different level of personalised engagement. To make the experience even better, our live video calling feature helps players have much stronger and trusting relationship with other players and in turn builds the long-term relationships. Moreover, Platform provides players with the option to send and receive friend requests with other players to stay connected with each other. The incorporation of such user-centric features with the help of technological innovations has led Witzeal to stay ahead and set it apart from its competitors.


  1. How do you strategize to design and innovate a product?

At Witzeal, our focus remains to develop a new game or feature which is at the core of players engagement. Understanding the Golden Circle of WHY, HOW and WHAT is at the core of deciding any new game or feature. Player engagement and centricity is the focal point to find answer to these questions. When creating a new product or feature, it is essential to understand the market, the existing neural impulses, and what will appeal to the players. Understanding the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the game and its offerings and thoroughly comprehend user requirements, which will aid in developing a custom gaming experience. Finally the decision to use the innovative technologies to build those product or features to create a WOW customer experience. Furthermore, it is crucial to identify and address customer pain points in order to grow the user base and attract new ones.

For an instance, Witzeal recently launched Fast Ludo which eliminates dice rolling and magnifies player engagement with 120-second game play. This has multi-fold the overall gaming experience for a diverse set of users as the game has just got more intriguing and challenging.


  1. What are some of the technological innovations inculcated at the platform of Witzeal?

In the real money gaming (RMG) industry, we specialize in designing and generating futuristic games and features. In order to remain at the forefront in the industry, we aim to introduce customer focused feature by incorporating innovative technologies so as to provide a unique and personalized gaming experience to the players. To give an instance, 3D scanning, facial recognition, virtual reality, voice and gesture control are a few features that can prominently enhance the engagement of players. Such technology enables systems to build your affinity in the gaming environment (so you can make a personalized avatar that looks almost exactly like you) or to transfer your own expressions to other digital creations in imaginative ways.

In everything we do, we keep our gamers at core. With this aim, we have ensured that redemption on our platform is instant and also safe. To make the financial transactions more secure, we have also strengthened the KYC process. This year, we plan to launch couple of new unique features like VR version of our card games which would give immersive experience and increase engagement and affinity among players. We are also looking to explore opportunities to introduce new blockchain supported games to support interoperability and unique digital identity in the form of NFTs which will bring innovation in games of our platform and keep us ahead of the curve in providing best gaming experience to our users.


  1. How has tech-oriented features fuelled the growth of the company?

At Witzeal, our primary focus has been on deriving game-changing innovations, with technology serving as our backbone in delivering a remarkable gaming experience to our users. All of the games on our multi-gaming platform, Big Cash, are created in-house which enables us to be more agile in using cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR, AI, Machine learning, Blockchain and NFTs to give a personalised and best gaming experience to our players while maintaining a high level of security. Big Cash, offers the unique advantage of allowing players to engage in a live video call, which increases user engagement and affinity. Our other features like VIP user enables our user to experience a different level of engagement and personalised schemes. Furthermore, in order to provide an enchanting experience for the players, we have a feature that allows them to create and schedule their own private table so that they can play whenever they like. With such technical instillations, Big Cash has grown to over 3 crore players and 5 lakh daily winners since its outset in 2017. We remain agile to our technology as it is our backbone. We invest in new technologies, adaption and implementation to ensure a better experience and security for our users. To work along the same line, we have setup an innovation team which evaluates the new technologies to be used in our platform to improve the engagement level of our players further.


  1. How important is the need for constant innovation for Witzeal and the online gaming industry as a whole?

While technology in the gaming sector continues to grow, we believe innovation and personalisation of experiences are the game-changers. Constant innovation is need of the hour for the whole gaming industry and Witzeal is not an exception to it. Any organization which is not inculcating the innovation culture will definitely miss an opportunity to be part of such growing industry. Today players expect organizations to incorporate emerging technologies to push the gaming experience forward. There are few examples where adaption of innovative technologies would be the game changer for the gaming industry. Organizations are working towards bringing the games closer to reality and make them more challenging than ever with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps organizations to create more responsive, adaptive, and challenging games. Online gamers can have a close-to-reality experience while playing games on the Metaverse platform where they can interact with other players, trade in-game assets, and even experience a physical sense of touch using haptic gloves and suits. We, at Witzeal, are committed to introduce constant innovation into our platforms to give our players a holistic gaming experience and make a India a hub of gamers.


  1. How R&D provides an edge to the curate a unique product in the industry?

In today’s global market, competition cannot be underestimated. The unique selling proposition is what will help organizations stay ahead of the competition. R&D strategy helps a business take a leading position and keeps it competitive, agile, adaptable, and profitable. Products with an R&D strategy have more opportunities to achieve success than those without it. Thus creating a culture of innovation through R&D activities is a must for every organization to stay ahead of the competition.  Here at Witzeal, we have built a separate innovation team which does research on utilizing the new technologies like AR/VR, AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, data science, machine learning, cybersecurity and help formulate strategies to create a product roadmap.


  1. How the emerging technology is contributing to the gaming eco-system and India’s economy

Practically every industry imaginable is being transformed by technological developments, from banking and finance to dating and sports. Technology has been a driving force behind the potential advancements in the online gaming sector, which is no exception. The EY report states that the online gaming industry saw a 28% increase in annual revenue from 2020 to 2021, going from 79 billion to 101 billion.

Due to technology developments that have made payments simpler and secure, 5G launch, more realistic experience using AR/VR, and games more engaging, responsive, adaptive, and challenging through AI and ML, the narrative of online gaming has changed. India is on the verge of becoming a global gaming power because the companies in the sector are committed to using cutting-edge technology to give their customers an unmatched gaming experience.

I am very much positive about the upcoming growth of the industry as we have Web 3.0, NFT, Metaverse etc joining hands with the online gaming sector for futuristic projects to benefit the entire eco-system. The emerging technology has boosted the growth of Witzeal with over 30+ million registered users.


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