Wolken IT Service Management enables quick issue resolution and automation

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Rohan Joshi, Co-founder and CEO, and Mr. Sudhir Prabhu, Co-founder & CTO, Wolken Software – a SaaS Company


  1. How has Wolken Software’s journey led to the development of its latest offering, Wolken Care, and what unique features does it provide to enhance customer experience?

 Wolken’s ITSM and customer service solutions are enterprise-class solutions that global Fortune 500 companies use. Wolken Care is a subset of the solution with embedded best practices. It is pre-seeded with master data that may be used by mid to small-size companies. This allows the companies to go live much faster, have a lower total cost, and get the best practices in the solution.


2. In the enterprise HRspace, what specific challenges do companies face when managing employee cases, and how does Wolken Software’s case management software help to address these challenges?

HR – employee cases can be varied in a company. It can be a simple query about leave policy, or it can be a question about payroll calculation, or it can be about career growth. The challenges for the tool are around – Privacy of data, assignment of the case to the right team or person & rules around escalations. Does the database need to be encrypted? If the operations are multi-country, does the tool need multilingual capabilities? Can the tool manage Knowledge base articles in multiple languages and region-specific? Wolken’s HR case management solution is multilingual, has KB translation features, has encryption for sensitive data, is secure, and is therefore suited to a small organisation and a large global enterprise.


3. With the SaaS market in India continuing to grow rapidly, what unique features and capabilities do Wolken Software offer that sets it apart from other SaaS providers in the Indian market?

While Wolken SaaS Software is available globally, it needs certain features to handle country regulations, language requirements, reporting requirements, etc. Wolken software offers both multi-tenanted and single-tenanted options. Thus, it can be hosted with a country to meet local regulations. Wolken is multilingual and can work in Indian languages.


4. What role does ITSM play in the SaaS market, and how is Wolken Software leveraging technology to improve its products and services?

 IT Service Management (ITSM) is a great use case for SaaS adoption. ITSM takes care of enterprise IT and application processes and enables the employees to perform their business functions with minimal interruption and quick resolution of their issues. Wolken’s ITSM SaaS solution is easy to implement, easy to use, and brings value to businesses immediately by enabling business users to resolve their cases immediately. Wolken Automation can work without any manual interventions that enable business functions to be completed instantly. Wolken constantly innovates to bring speed, security, and scale to its solutions.


5. What can we expect from the future roadmap of Wolken Software in terms of new product offerings, improvements in customer service, and further expansion in the global market?

Wolken focuses on automation, including bots, integrations, and security, from a product features roadmap perspective. Wolken is always innovating on the technology front and using technologies like Kubernetes, microservices, serverless computing, etc., to improve its customers’ performance, stability, and cost.


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