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5 Essential home office accessories for remote working

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No matter if you’re working remotely for the first time or if you’re a seasoned remote worker, by now you would’ve realized that this is how we will have to work, going ahead. And it is almost certain that you would have found out how to get the best out of your remote working routine.

Further, we’re listing out a few accessories that are essential for anyone working remotely and will help immensely in improving your productivity.

External Keyboard and Mouse: In case you’re using a laptop as your primary device, then it is imperative to get an external keyboard and mice. It will not only mean that there is less wear and tear of the laptop’s built-in keyboard and trackpad but will also offer the much-needed distance between the laptops display and your eyes. Investing in an ergonomic mouse that supports your wrists natural position is also advisable since you’d be working for long hours.

External monitor: When you’re using your laptop, you’re most likely staring at the display which is below your eye level. This is not an ergonomic position and extended working hours may cause neck pain, eye stain and even back ache. Hence, it is always good to connect the laptop with an external display that makes you look and sit straight. In case you do not want to spend money on a display, then getting a laptop stand will also help

Wired earphones: With the number of online meetings you need to attend during the new normal, a headphone is a must. Using the laptop’s built-in speaker would mean disturbing everyone at your home and you might miss important details being shared during the discussion. A wired earphone is like the trusted warrior that seldom fails and not only does it deliver clear audio but it also negates the scope of random Bluetooth disconnections.

Data backup: Investing in network-attached storage or a NAS drive is a must. Purchasing data storage on the cloud is not only expensive but consumes bandwidth as well. Setting up a NAS drive at home will give you virtually unlimited space to save your data that you can share with your colleagues or clients on the go. It will also help you backup your computer’s data automatically and in case of hard disk failure, at least your all-important data will be safe.

Power backup: It is extremely important to have a power backup at your place. Imagine you’re in the middle of an online call and delivering an all-important presentation to your client or your boss and there’s a power cut. Not only your call gets disconnected, but you also will not be able to re-connect without the broadband connectivity. Setting up an inverter will not only save you from these missed chances but will also come in handy in case of an extended power outage.

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